Can you spot the Wienermobile and Wisconsin’s favorite Badger?

You might have heard that I’m a big fan of the Wienermobile, and I noticed my favorite hot dog is often the subject of artwork from Wisconsin artist Marcia Sparks. Her whimsical style made me smile and wonder how she became a fan of the mobile. Well, she happens to be an artisan at Wisconsinmade.com so I called her up and grilled her about hot dogs, the Dane County Farmers’ Market, and Wisconsin pride.


A: Why do you think people are so proud to live in Wisconsin?

M: I’ve lived in the Madison area for about 14 years now, and you’ve got the city, but you’ve also got camping nearby. The cities in Wisconsin aren’t huge but they are nice and have plenty to do. I also like the icons like the Wienermobile.

A: I spent a year driving the Wienermobile and everyone has a Wienermobile memory. When was the first time you saw the Wienermobile? What do you like about painting it? 

M: I grew up with the Wienermobile commercials, the songs on TV, the contests, and the Wienerwhistles, it was always around. Spotting the Wienermobile driving around town is like being blessed! I like using the Wienermobile in my art because it’s so versatile, I can picture it doing so many things, plus it’s comical and makes people smile.

The Mayor of Madison wanted to get some trolleys in the city, and I sent him a Wienermobile print and said that we need Wienermobiles instead of trolleys! How cool would it be to have a Wienermobile pick you up from the airport? He wrote back and thanked me.

wisc-art-2A: Too bad he didn’t follow through with that. So do you like hot dogs? What toppings do you like on your hot dog?

M: I like mine Chicago-style, with everything!

A: What are some of your favorite spots around Madison either for art inspiration or just to hang out?

M: The State Capital building, the Capital Square, and State Street- where ever things are going on. I frequent the Old Fashioned after the farmers market. It’s a great place to beat the heat.

A: You sell your art at the Dane County Farmers’ Market. What’s your favorite food at the Farmers’ Market?

M: I like a food cart called Ingrid’s Lunchbox, it’s usually parked in front of the Veterans’ Museum during the Farmers’ Market, they make fabulous breakfast crepes. Ernie’s kettle corn is another favorite.

You can find Marcia’s art at the Dane County Farmers’ Market or online at Wisconsinmade.com.

Note: Images are published here with Marcia’s permission, please respect her work and ask before using.