food-trend-predictionsEvery year in January I try to predict the food trends for the upcoming year. In 2012 I predicted pies and hot dogs would be popular, and in 2013 pickled foods and Oreo truffles would be all of the rage. What will we be eating in 2014? Here’s my best guess!

Buratta– Buratta cheese is similar to mozzarella. It comes shaped like a ball, and when you cut into it, the middle is soft and creamy. It usually comes served with bread, but this week I tried some at a Madison pizza shop called Novanta. The buratta came on top of a garlicky pizza! As far as I’m concerned, 2014 is already a great year for buratta cheese!

Deviled Eggs– Another popular new restaurant in Madison, Heritage Tavern, has a fabulous appetizer with different varieties of deviled eggs- my favorite was the deviled egg topped with a slice of truffle! With all the creative possibilities for deviled eggs, I bet we will be eating more in 2014.

Waffles– I received a waffle maker as a gift this year and I am obsessed with waffles! I mostly stick to the traditional waffle preparation with butter and Wisconsin maple syrup, but the possibilities are endless. You can top waffles with fruit, chocolate, or even use them in savory preparations like chicken and waffles. You can even use two waffles as bread to make an impressive sandwich.

Slow Cooker Recipes– Make a recipe in your slow cooker (or crock-pot or whatever you want to call it) before you leave for the office and when you walk in the door after work, it will smell amazing and dinner will be ready! I bet you’ll even do a little happy dance! I read plenty of food blogs, and I’ve noticed more and more slow cooker recipes. I guess food bloggers are realizing that slow cooker recipes are happy dance inducing! Check out one of my favorite slow cooker recipes, buffalo chicken sandwiches.

What foods do you think will be popular in 2014?