Kringle and Coffee Have you ever had a bite of chocolate cake, then a sip of coffee and noticed how the coffee tastes even better than usual?  Careful pairing will make you enjoy your coffee and food even more.  Not sure which coffees go with which foods? The coffee snob is here to help! Below are a few of the coffee varieties from the Coffee of the Month Club and some foods to try with your cup of joe.   

Columbian – The medium acidity, strong body and hints of caramel flavor make Columbia blend a perfect pair for zuchinni breads or carrot cake.

Coasta Rican – This full bodied coffee makes a great partner for lightly flavored baked goods, so try this with a fruity muffin instead of sugary Kringle.

Guatemalan– This richly flavored, heavy bodied brew can stand up to a chocolate Kringle or even a caramel apple.

Kona- An aromatic cup of Kona coffee goes well with oatmeal, but tastes even better along side oatmeal cookies or O&H Bakery’s famous Seven Sister’s Coffee Cake.

Visit my Coffee Tips post if you can’t get enough of my ex-barista coffee snobbery, and for more tasty coffee and food pairings, check out this helpful chart.