We are heading to Door County in January for a weekend ski trip.  It is 20 degrees in Wisconsin today. There is very little snow left on the ground from the big snow storm we had over a month ago. It rained earlier this month and much of the snow is gone now. And there are no significant snow predictions in the next week. We have our cross county ski trip planned up in Door County, with three other couples, but I am afraid we will not be doing much skiing. So what to do?  Lets see…we will probably do some hiking, eating, shopping, eating, reading, eating, talking, sightseeing, restauranting and oh! did I say eating?

Yes, eating and sharing food with friends is so much fun. Here are some goodies we are taking to share.   Cheese, sausage and crackers for sure.


They would be disappointed if we did not supply the cheese and sausage given our connection to Wisconsinmade.com where Cheese is King.  Each couple picks a meal to serve.  Rick and I are going to bring a breakfast to share. We are going to serve  Quiche, croussants and fruit. There will be a couple extra meals that no one is assigned to so we will just have to go out restauranting.

Door County here we come! I am looking forward to this short weekend trip to Door County to spend some time with our good friends and of course to get some exercise.  Yeah right!!