choc-eclairsHave you ever had a chocolate éclair?  When I was a child, it was one of my favorite savory treats. My mother bought them from a local bakery. Well, I finally found the scrumptious chocolate éclair I remember from my childhood. We had these tasty treats in the office and we were all surprised at how sinfully delicious they were. And the size of them…. Well, they were so big we were cutting them in half, but some of us went back for more because they were sooo…yummy!

And Paula Deen’s comment: “These sinfully delicious Chocolate Éclairs from O & H Bakery are sure to be a delightful treat. Enjoy eight huge freshly baked, crispy light pastry shells packed full of cool butter-sweetened custard crème and covered with a thick layer of smooth chocolate icing.”

We thought we would share our experience about these absolutely sinful chocolate eclair treats that you can enjoy anytime of year. O & H Bakery has perfected their recipe and, I mean, truly they are perfect. In addition, they know how to pack and ship the éclairs so they arrive fresh and ready to serve!

Or you can make them yourself – there are plenty of recipes out there, but nothing can beat the convenience of ordering and shipping them right to your door.