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Touring Wisconsin Food

Cheese Are A Few of Our Favorite Things: The Staff’s Favorite Cheeses

cheese-are-a-few-1“Do you get to eat tons of cheese at work?!”

This is one of the first questions I get about my job as food blogger
extrodinare at The answer
is YES! Between samples from aspiring aritsans, goodies leftover from TV
appearances and the surprise treats from our boss Linda, we get all the cheese
snacks we can handle.

If you thought resisting the office candy bowl was
hard, try working at a place that specializes in the best food in the
When Linda and Rick, the husband and wife team behind, got word that I wanted to write a blog post about the
staff’s favorite cheeses, they took it a step further and actually
brought in our favorite cheeses. Continue reading to see what our favorites are and why.


The Staff’s Favorite Cheese



My favorite Wisconsin cheese is
Havarti. I love its mild buttery flavor and smooth texture.  While
plain Havarti tastes great, I enjoy the flavored varieties best – my favorite
is Caraway Havarti with (hot) Pepper Havarti a close second! – Marilyn, Office Manager cheese-are-a-few-3


I truly believe that string cheese is one of the greatest
forms of cheese. String cheese offers a great snack on the go. I often grab a
string cheese and a banana for the car ride to work. Also because of the fun
act of peeling the cheese apart it is a great way to get your child to eat more
dairy and calcium. String cheese offers all the deliciousness of cheese but in
a fun and non-messy form. – Eileen, Customer Servicecheese-are-a-few-4


I am a big fan of mozzarella cheese. I love cooking with it
especially making lasagna and homemade pizza. I always make sure to include
lots of mozzarella cheese!

When I am looking for a quick meal, I make a Caprese Salad with
fresh garden tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil. I also have to mention that
one of my favorite appetizers are mozzarella sticks dipped in a marinara sauce!
So Yummy! – Sue, Marketing Analystcheese-are-a-few-5


Decatur Havarti is one of my favorites. It is so versatile.
It is a mild soft cheese that is great sliced on turkey or ham sandwiches. I
also like it melted on top of a burger, or grilled cheese sandwich or even
pizza. And as an appetizer with crackers — slice it and put a dab of mustard
or cranberry chutney on top. Yum!!- Linda, President and CEOcheese-are-a-few-6



Cheese curds get two thumbs up but I also love Muenster. It was one of the first
cheeses I had as a kid and has stuck with me ever since. I recently tried a
squeaky muenster which was really good, the added squeak always makes cheese
more fun 🙂 I use muenster in sandwiches, burgers, melted in pasta, for
snacks… I’ll take almost any excuse to eat it. – Alison, Official Cheese Taster and Other Special Projects



My favorite Wisconsin cheese is bread
cheese.  It’s hard to find outside of Wisconsin, but it looks like a slice
of bread and it’s been pre-baked. You can heat it up on a skillet or in the
oven until it’s hot and a little melted. I like to serve it to my friends from
out of state because gooey cheese is always a big hit. – Amanda, Social Media and PR Specialist


Tiffany and Susan work remotely so they aren’t pictured, but they still weighed in on their favorite cheese:

really hard to choose a favorite cheese, but I would have to go with mozzarella
as my overall favorite. I love Italian food, so mozzarella is included in a lot
of my favorite foods. I enjoy it best when it’s melted and stringy.- Tiffany, Internet Marketing Coordinator

My family’s favorite cheese is cheese curds – any flavor!
They are so unique and a delicious snack any time – you can’t just eat one! Our
son, who lives in Colorado, has been able to introduce his friends there to
these Wisconsin treats, and they are a huge hit! They’re soft, squeaky and
scrumptious!- Susan, Artisan Relations

You can find these Wisconsin cheeses and more online in our Cheese Gift Department.

What’s your favorite cheese? Please share in the comment section!



  1. Havarti is my favorite. I have never heard of bread cheese, will have to look for that (yes, I’m in WI) 🙂

  2. I highly recommend bread cheese! Brennan’s makes a good one if you’re near one. Thanks for commenting Amanda.

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