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Touring Wisconsin Food

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3 Tasty Super Bowl Party Foods

Super Bowl parties are always fun. Even if the Packers aren’t playing, your Super Bowl party can still have a tasty Wisconsin theme.

Wisconsin Cheese CurdsWisconsin Cheese Curds are a local Wisconsin favorite, made fresh everyday. Pop these cheddar curds in the microwave for a few seconds and you will have fresh-tasting squeaky curds. Your Super Bowl guests will love them.



Bacon Caramel CornBacon Caramel Corn is a delicious sweet and salty snack. It is made from scratch with bits of Applewood Smoked Bacon added for a unique, crispy taste! A perfect Super Bowl treat for your guests.



Super Bowl Cookie Gift TinThe Super Bowl Cookie Gift Tin is an assortment of delicious sugar cookies honoring this year’s Super Bowl contenders. K-Delights will complete your tailgate party every year with an updated set of cookies. All 20 sugar cookies are homemade and individually hand decorated in the shapes of helmets, footballs and the Lombardi trophy. Attractively packaged in the gift tin with a ribbon wrapped around it.

Back to School – 5 Tasty Gift Baskets for College Students

It’s that time of year again — can you hear it? A combination of excitement and groans as the new school year approaches. If there’s one thing a starving student loves, it’s getting food from home. Send an impressive Wisconsin gift basket to cheer up your homesick student. Perfect for sharing and making friends.

Taste of Wisconsin Gift Basket — A gift basket with classic Wisconsin goodies. Delicious Wisconsin cheese, sausage, soda, popcorn, cookies, and more.

Smoked Meat Lover Gift Box — A gift box fit for your carnivore. A delicious collection of smoked pork chops, bacon, summer sausage, wieners, and more. Sometimes it’s ok to skip your vegetables and indulge.

New Glarus Butter Cookie Gift Tin — A customer review from a happy mom describes this gift tin perfectly: “The cookies from the New Glarus Bakery were sent to our sons who were studying for exams. Two quotes: ‘Perfect with my early morning coffee.’ and ‘Those cookies were ridiculously soft.'”

Deluxe Mixed Nuts, Toffee, and Tads Gift Tin — A mix of sweet and salty for all occassions. A perfect snack for refueling between study sessions. Warning: contents may disappear quickly if shared with roommates.

Gourmet Caramel Apple Deluxe Gift Basket — For the student with a sweet tooth. Amy’s Gourmet Apples presents a stunning assortment of caramel apples and gourmet chocolate confections.


What’s your favorite food item to send to your collegiate children?

Wisconsin Food at the Wisconsin State Fair

The Wisconsin State Fair this year runs from August 1 – August 11 and one of the main attractions at the fair every year is the outstanding quality food products which Wisconsin has to offer. Given we are known nationally for our gourmet food, it is no wonder the State Fair has a number of pavilions dedicated to serving up these delectable tasty treats. One such tasty treat is the Cream Puff. If you have never had one, it is a must stop for anyone attending the fair. They truly win a Blue Ribbon attraction.  The cream puffs have their own air conditioned pavilion. There is always a line for the cream puffs, and you can expect anywhere from 25 to over 100 people – but no matter, the line moves fast and while you are standing in line you can  watch, through the display windows, the cream puff chefs making these exquisite creations. The chefs are fun to watch, and they often wave to the public and jester to let us know how much they appreciate our interest.  If you get tired of watching the chefs, then turn your eyes on the people eating the cream puffs.  There are tables to stand at right there in the pavilion where people can dive in and start eating immediately without having to go outside.

wisc-food-state-fair And, if you take a look at the picture of the cream puff, you will understand how fun it might be to watch people try to take a bite out of the cream puff without trajectoring the scrumptious cream center onto the table or person standing next to them.  And not to mention the powdered sugar that gets all over a person’s face and clothing when trying to eat one of the monstrous pastries – what fun!!!  Now the more experienced cream puff eaters (I happen to be one of them) separate the top from the bottom and, as they are separating them,  they make sure there is plenty of cream on both sides. Then one can take a bite without getting too much cream or powdered sugar on their smilling faces.  Yes, they are all smiling because they taste sooo……. Good!.

Although the cream puff is the main food attraction,  there is also a huge Wisconsin Food Pavilion dedicated to all the other gourmet food products Wisconsin is known for. You will find bratwurst, sausage, meats, cranberries, maple syrup, cheese, ice cream, cherries, honey and much more. And, while you are in the Wisconsin Food  Pavilion, don’t miss out on the Grilled Cheese Sandwiches – they are a tasty treat with Read Wisconsin  Cheddar Cheese. By the way, if you miss out on the Fair this year, many of these gourmet food products can be found at all year round.

Popcorn – A Healthy Snack Choice

Popcorn is one of the best healthiest snacks you can eat. In fact, popcorn even has some added nutritional benefits and antioxidants. The Healthy Home Economist website tells us it is due to the polyphenols that are present in popcorn.  Professor Vinson says that “Popcorn has more antioxidants in total than other snack foods that you can consume and it also has quite a bit of fiber.”  Wow!  Isn’t that great?


I love popcorn.  In fact it is my “go to” meal when my husband is not going to be home for dinner. It is just me and a big over stuffed bowl of popcorn covered with butter and salt. Yum! Unfortunately some of that healthiness disappears when I add the butter and salt.  In fact, the people at say that popcorn is the number 1 healthiest snack as long as it is not drenched in butter.  Darn!  I wonder what they would have to say about caramel corn?  Probably not so healthy either but it sure is tasty.





At our customer’s favorites include over 30 gourmet popcorn gifts and gift ideas for those popcorn lovers in your life.  We have popped or un-popped popcorn as well as delicious caramel corn, cheese popcorn and other favorite flavors and seasonings for your eating enjoyment.

If you are looking for a nice healthy gift to send, we have popcorn gift tins including pet lover tins, sports tins, party tins and patriotic tins. Or we have gift baskets, bowls and gift assortments.  You can’t go wrong with Wisconsinmade gourmet popcorn!

Top 5 Selling Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12. At we can help you find the perfect gift that lets Mom know you are thinking about her. has been shipping gifts nationwide since 1999 and Mother’s Day is one of our busiest times of year.  That means we have a long history over the years of what Mom loves best based on feedback from our customers and recipients.  So with this information at our fingertips, we thought we would help you with your Mother’s Day gift selections by featuring our top selling Mother’s Day gifts based on customer selection and product reviews.

The Nueske Party Basket includes a tasty selection of Wisconsin quality specialty cheese and sausage in an Apple Pail antique reproduction container. The assortment includes Pork and Beef Summer Sausage made from a delicious Applewood-smoked recipe; All-Beef Summer Sausage, Beef Sausage Sticks, a no-mess, smoked meat snack; Honey Mustard; Mild Cheddar Cheese; Colby Cheese; Smoky Bacon Cheese Spread; and crispy  Wheat Crackers. A great snacking gift for Mom to enjoy for Mother’s Day and a unique container she can use as a planter after the tasty treats are gone.





This Mothers Day Kringle flavored with strawberry and cream cheese is a lovely way to celebrate and say Happy Mother’s Day. Created with a favorite combination of creamy cream cheese and homemade strawberry filling and wrapped into a heart shaped Danish pastry, this kringle becomes a uniquely heartfelt Mothers day gift. The heart-shaped Mothers Day Kringle is frosted with creamy pink icing. A perfect gift for every dear mother or grandmother who loves strawberry filling, cream cheese and kringles…although not nearly as much as she loves you!





Send your mother this Happy Mother’s Day Sugar Cookie Gift Tin for her special day.  Mom baked cookies for you now you can return a favor. Your mother will enjoy these hand decorated sugar cookies and she’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness. The reusable tin has 20 decorated sugar cookies in a variety of flower and heart designs. Designs and decorations on cookies may vary.








These Copper Cattail Wind Chimes created by Jan Lynn – Artist by Nature, sway in the breeze, then touch and softly ring, creating music for your garden. Copper has a traditional meaning of prosperity and good luck making the Copper Cattail Wind Chimes a perfect 7th Wedding Anniversary gift idea! They are made of copper and bronze, do not rust, and there are no strings to break or replace.








Suzy’s Four Flavor Cheesecake Sampler offers your Mom  a delicious dilemma–choosing which of these Wisconsin Cheesecakes is her favorite! With our Four-Flavor Cheesecake Sampler, she can enjoy three perfect slices each of New York Style Cheesecake, Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecake, Black Forest Cherry Cheesecake and Chocolate Caramel Pecan Cheesecake.  A yummy gift for Mom from our ovens.




Have you tried our Herring? It is the best – seriously!

Our Bay View Herring has consistently remained one of our top sellers over the years.  Our customers keep coming back for more of this delicious delicacy.

Bay View Packing Company in Wisconsin is a family owned and operated corporation established in 1923. They are dedicated to providing pickled delicacies to discriminating buyers. Their scrumptious foods are produced with skill and Old World traditions passed on through four generations. This assures patrons of high quality, gourmet products.

The Bay View Packing Company Herring is the finest imported herring in the world. They are harvested from the cold, clear waters of the Atlantic, which produces a firm but delicate filet.  You can find more details about Atlantic herring at wikipedia.

Whether you like herring in a wine sauce or cream sauce, you will find our Bay View herring a delicious and healthy snack.

Our customers have been delighted with the quality of our herring and they keep coming back,  as you can see from the customer reviews on

Our Herring in cream sauce is a hand-packed tasty treat, made only with pure Wisconsin dairy sour cream, fresh cut onions, and seasonings.

Our Herring in Wine Sauce is prepared with a rich wine sauce, fresh cut onions, and a blend of spices, making it a popular seller all year-round.





Our Pickled Herring Sampler by Bay View lets you mix and match your favorite herring varieties – you can choose pickled herring in wine sauce or pickled herring in cream sauce. The herring must be refrigerated upon arrival. It is best consumed within one month after opening. Any sealed jar of herring has a shelf life of nine months in the refrigerator. The herring sampler is a great idea if you want to share some with a friend or enjoy it at your next party.

5 Things You’ll Need for a Cheese Party (Besides Wisconsin Cheese)

Enjoy some sophisticated fun by throwing a Wisconsin cheese party! You can impress your guests with yummy cheese pairings that they never thought would work, and introduce them to the fabulous world of Wisconsin cheese. Once you’ve picked out your favorite Wisconsin cheeses, consider these non-cheese party essentials.

5-things-cheese-party-1Something To Drink- When you think of drinks at a cheese party, the first beverage that comes to mind is wine, but think outside the cork for your cheese party! Beer, cocktails, and even a sip of whiskey make perfect pairs for cheese. Visit to find out what cheese pairs well with each beverage.







5-things-cheese-party-2A Way to Display Your Cheese- A cheese party hostess can express her creativity by coming up with a beautiful cheese display. I like the idea of using a Wisconsin shaped cutting board as a cheese tray. This will remind your guests where the best cheese comes from. This particular cutting board has free standard shipping from now until April 15, 2013, so get yours today.





5-things-cheese-party-3Preserves – Wisconsin is home  to hundreds of artisans who make cheese, as well as artisans that make tasty foods to go with cheese. The husband and wife team at Quince and Apple make a variety of preserves including Fig and Black Tea, Shallot Confit, and Orange Marmalade flavors that are exceptionally delicious when dolloped on top of of a slice of cheese.





5-things-cheese-party-4Crackers- Keep your entire cheese party Wisconsin-made with crackers by Potter’s Crackers. If you’re a regularly blog reader, you’ve probably heard me rave about Potter’s Crackers before. Be warned: once you try Potter’s Crackers all other crackers will be inferior.  You won’t find the fresh baked taste of Potter’s Crackers in just any cracker box at the grocery store.





5-things-cheese-party-5Summer Sausage- These sausages take cheese and crackers to the next level, so it’s no wonder they often get a place of honor in Wisconsin cheese gift baskets. Despite the name, summer sausages are available year round for picnics, snacks and most importantly, cheese parties! To learn more about summer sausage, check out my What is Summer Sausage? blog post.



What’s your favorite cheese pairing?



Spotted Cow Image (via)

Say Wisconsin Cheese and Sausage Please! Top Selling Gourmet Gifts

Cheese and Sausage from Wisconsin is a combination that’s one of our top sellers throughout the year. This Wisconsin Cheese and Sausage Pair of Pairs combines some of the finest Wisconsin Cheese and Summer Sausage for friendly get-togethers. This assortment includes Wisconsin Mild Cheddar Cheese and Wisconsin Colby Cheese from one of the finest cheesemakers in the great Dairy state! It also includes a Smoked Pork and Beef Summer Sausage (a savory beef and pork combination that’s high in protein, low in salt and exceptionally delicious!) and an All-Beef Summer Sausage (lean grain-fed beef seasoned with natural spices and ground into the best sausage you’ve ever tasted!). Hear what our customers have to say.

“We purchased a cheese and sausage package for our former neighbor who now lives in Florida. They thanked us and said it’s impossible to get such good stuff in Florida!”  Michelle

“My friend loved her birthday gift of meat and cheese. I loved that the gift was ordered, made, shipped and received in four business days at the regular delivery rate! Thank you!”  Jivka

“I was looking for an office warming gift for a friend whose business moved to a new headquarters, and contacted for ideas. A very helpful email arrived soon after with great ideas at a variety of price points. I picked a tasty-looking combo and placed the order on Monday. The order arrived Thursday and was great. Thank you for your help! I will definitely be back.”  Larry

Great Appetizer Ideas – Wisconsin Style!

great-appetizer-ideas Wisconsin food is known for being on the heavier side, so lighten things up with these great appetizer ideas! Turn bratwurst, cheese, and other Wisconsin favorites in to one bite snacks. Whether you’re an experienced hostess on the look out for inspiration or you want to try having a cocktail party for the first time, these easy appetizers will make for a memorable evening. Even if you don’t live in or near Wisconsin, many Wisconsin foods can ship nationwide from

Bratwurst Bites- You have probably never thought of a bratwurst as a delicate hor d’ourve but then again, you’ve probably never seen a bratwurst bite (that’s them in the picture). This Wisconsin finger food consists of a small, thin, lightly toasted slice of bread topped with a slice of grilled bratwurst and a dollop of sauerkraut and mustard. You probably won’t see these served and Milwaukee Brewer games, but hopefully this easy appetizer will make an appearance at your next dinner party. You can get bratwursts at most grocery stores, or find authentic Wisconsin bratwurst online at

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Door County Ski Weekend – Food and Friends

We are heading to Door County in January for a weekend ski trip.  It is 20 degrees in Wisconsin today. There is very little snow left on the ground from the big snow storm we had over a month ago. It rained earlier this month and much of the snow is gone now. And there are no significant snow predictions in the next week. We have our cross county ski trip planned up in Door County, with three other couples, but I am afraid we will not be doing much skiing. So what to do?  Lets see…we will probably do some hiking, eating, shopping, eating, reading, eating, talking, sightseeing, restauranting and oh! did I say eating?

Yes, eating and sharing food with friends is so much fun. Here are some goodies we are taking to share.   Cheese, sausage and crackers for sure.


They would be disappointed if we did not supply the cheese and sausage given our connection to where Cheese is King.  Each couple picks a meal to serve.  Rick and I are going to bring a breakfast to share. We are going to serve  Quiche, croussants and fruit. There will be a couple extra meals that no one is assigned to so we will just have to go out restauranting.

Door County here we come! I am looking forward to this short weekend trip to Door County to spend some time with our good friends and of course to get some exercise.  Yeah right!!

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