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Touring Wisconsin Food

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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

Interested in celebrating Cinco de Mayo, but don’t want to cook? Brighten up the party with a unique Fiesta Sugar Cookie Assortment!

Kids and adults alike will be impressed with these gorgeous treats.

Fiesta Sugar Cookie Assortment

A perfect treat for your Cinco de Mayo festivites. Choose assortments in three sizes: 30, 50, or 75 cookies. Each assortment includes colorful cookie shapes including Mexican sombreros, margarita glasses, cacti, peppers, limes and burro pinatas. Most cookies are a generous 2-3 inches. The delicious sugar cookies are packed in layers in a white box.

My Favorite Dessert: Cheesecake

Cheesecake has been my favorite dessert for as long as I can remember. My dad used to make cheesecakes when I was little, with his own recipe that had been refined over the years. Eventually I was given the recipe and learned the trade.

Unfortunately my childhood experience has ruined almost all restaurant cheesecake for me. I’m constantly amazed when my friends order cheesecake and exclaim how amazing it is, only for me to taste it and think to myself, “you paid for this?”

Now I am not here to share my family’s cheesecake secrets, and quite frankly our recipe can be found on numerous websites with just a few slight modifications. However, I would like to share the one cheesecake I have ever tasted that I have to admit is better than my dad’s: Suzy’s Four Flavor Cheesecake Sampler.

Suzy's Four Flavor Cheesecake Sampler


This cheesecake caught my attention at a party, as all cheesecakes do. I had to try it. I started with the plain New York Style cheesecake. I typically prefer plain cheesecakes so I can appreciate the simplicity and truly judge the quality. Well, it was delicious — firmer than my dad’s, but just as creamy.

I moved on to each of the other flavors, one by one: Chocolate Amaretto, Black Forest Cherry, and Chocolate Caramel Pecan. Each flavor is so unique and tasty.

The cheesecake sampler is beautifully presented and perfect for parties. It is with an awkward mix of embarrassment and awe that I recommend Suzy’s cheesecake and remind myself that I still have a thing or two to learn about my favorite dessert.

Hand-Decorated Easter Sugar Cookies

Easter is almost here! Hand-decorated Easter-themed cookies put a smile on everyone’s face — for both kids and adults! Here are a few fun decorated cookies for Easter:

Easter Sugar Cookies Assortment“I received a thank you note from my cousin in Virginia. He told me the cookies were almost too pretty to eat, but they polished them off in two days. I think they were a hit!” — Lori on the Easter Sugar Cookies Assortment


Easter Morning Sugar Cookie Gift Tin“Wow… what beautiful cookies, and the taste wonderful. My grandchildren just loved them.” — Mary Ann on the Easter Morning Sugar Cookie Gift Tin


Flower Garden Sugar Cookie Crisp Gift Box“Bought these as a get well gift for my mom. She was very happy with them.” — Anonymous on the Flower Garden Sugar Cookie Crisp Gift Box



3 Unique St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Gifts

St. Patrick’s day is just around the corner. To enhance your celebrations, here are three unique cookie gifts that will put a smile on everyone’s face.

St. Patricks Top of the Morning CookiesYou’ll enjoy a great St. Patrick’s Day with these Top of the Morning Cookies by K-Delights. These hand-decorated sugar cookies come in St. Patrick’s Day designs of a rainbow, beer mug, pot of gold, shamrock and St. Patty’s Day hat. Designs and decorations of the cookies may vary. There are a total 20 cookies packaged in a silver gift tin tied with a green ribbon.

St. Patrick's Day Luck of the Irish Sugar CookiesIrish eyes will shine with these St. Patrick’s Day Luck of the Irish Sugar Cookies. These gourmet sugar cookies from Cookies From Scratch are made with an original Sugar Crisp recipe. Each shamrock-shaped cookie is decorated in green and some are dotted with a mini-chocolate shamrock. This delicious, home baked gift contains 1 dozen delicious sugar cookies that are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

Grasshopper Whoopie PiesGrasshopper Whoopie Pies are a delicious, soft cake-like sandwich cookie with a creamy buttercream filling, perfect for gift-giving. The Grasshopper Whoopie Pies are made with a fudgy chocolate cake with a refreshing mint filling. Made fresh to order with real Wisconsin butter, milk, eggs and no preservatives, whoopie pies taste as good as they look! Enjoy one dozen whoopie pies in either small or large size.

Top 4 Badger Basketball Gifts

College basketball is in full swing. With March Madness only a month away, it’s time to get prepared for the big tournament. Here are a few great gift ideas for Badger Basketball fans.

Custom Basketball Team Sugar Cookie Gift TinThis Custom Basketball Team Sugar Cookie Gift Tin allows you to customize several of the cookies with your favorite team colors and player jersey number. The gift tin includes 20 hand decorated sugar cookies in the following basketball shapes – jersey, referee shirt, basketball, hoop, scoreboard and whistle. Customize the three player jersey shaped cookies with a player jersey number, color of jersey, and color of jersey trim and number in the three Personalization boxes below. All other cookies in the gift tin will be as shown in the image. No matter what basketball team you support, you can customize the jersey shaped cookies with your favorite number and team colors – no team names, player names, or team logos are available. The Custom Basketball Team Sugar Cookie Gift Tin is perfect for your next sports party and is a great gift for every basketball fan.

Bo Ryan: Another Hill to Climb - BookBo Ryan: Another Hill to Climb is an autobiography of the University of Wisconsin head basketball coach. The book tracks Bo Ryan’s successes at UW-Platteville, UW-Milwaukee, and UW-Madison. This book, written by Bo Ryan with Mike Lucas, captures the coach’s memories of the many people who have influenced his journey as well as the hurdles and highlights that accompanied each step up the coaching ladder. College basketball fans will enjoy reading about Ryan’s insight into the game, the coaching profession, and big time college basektball.

University of Wisconsin Sports RunnerThe University of Wisconsin Sports Runner is a unique rug for your game room, a child’s room, or anywhere you want to show your Badger pride. Choose either a Badger Basketball or Badger Football runner. The rectangular basketball runner has a basketball court design and features a large motion W logo in the center, Wisconsin at one end, and Badgers at the other end. The rectangular football runner has a football field design and features a large motion W logo in the center, Wisconsin in one end zone, and Badgers in the other end zone. Non-skid backing ensures a rugged and safe product. Made in America by Sports Licensing Solutions.

University of Wisconsin Mini Hoop Basketball SetThe University of Wisconsin Mini Hoop Basketball Set includes a small Badger foam basketball and plastic backboard both with motion W logo. This mini hoop set comes with brackets for hanging in your office, dorm room or home. Have fun practicing your basketball skills on a small scale while showing your UW Badger pride. The UW Mini Hoop Set is great for teens and adults and can be fun for children ages 4 and up.

3 Tasty Super Bowl Party Foods

Super Bowl parties are always fun. Even if the Packers aren’t playing, your Super Bowl party can still have a tasty Wisconsin theme.

Wisconsin Cheese CurdsWisconsin Cheese Curds are a local Wisconsin favorite, made fresh everyday. Pop these cheddar curds in the microwave for a few seconds and you will have fresh-tasting squeaky curds. Your Super Bowl guests will love them.



Bacon Caramel CornBacon Caramel Corn is a delicious sweet and salty snack. It is made from scratch with bits of Applewood Smoked Bacon added for a unique, crispy taste! A perfect Super Bowl treat for your guests.



Super Bowl Cookie Gift TinThe Super Bowl Cookie Gift Tin is an assortment of delicious sugar cookies honoring this year’s Super Bowl contenders. K-Delights will complete your tailgate party every year with an updated set of cookies. All 20 sugar cookies are homemade and individually hand decorated in the shapes of helmets, footballs and the Lombardi trophy. Attractively packaged in the gift tin with a ribbon wrapped around it.

5 Adorable Baby Shower Foods

This week I hosted my first ever baby shower for my sister-in-law.  She’s having a baby boy in July. Here are five fun baby shower foods to celebrate mom and baby!

1. Baby Shower Cookies Wisconsin artisans at K-Delights make cookies for every occasion, but their baby shower cookies are extra adorable! They come in blue, pink and green designs.

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5 Main Dish Ideas for New Years Eve

5-main-dish-ideasIn a few days I will be hosting a New Years Eve dinner for the first time! If you haven’t figured it out from my blog, I am crazy about cooking and entertaining, so I’ve put plenty of thought into this dinner. Two other couples will be joining my hubby and I so I wanted to serve a meat dish for the main course that would be easy to prepare in large quantities. I haven’t narrowed it down yet, but here are my ideas:

Pork Tenderloin- Pork tenderloin is one of my personal favorites, especially when it’s served with baked apples. Cooking one big tenderloin and then slicing it to serve guests is easier than grilling individual pork chops, just be careful not to overcook or under-cook the pork! Overcooked pork can be dry and tough, and undercooked pork might give your guests a very unhappy New Year. Use a meat thermometer and play close attention while your meat is cooking. Another option is to get a high quality pre-cooked tenderloin that you can reheat, like this honey glazed pork loin by Nueske Applewood Smoked Meats. Your guests will never know the difference, and you can sit back and enjoy the party.

Ham – Most of the year I only enjoy ham on sandwiches, but when the holidays come around, ham takes center stage. There always seems to be leftovers when it comes to ham so you can enjoy it in scrambled eggs, sandwiches, and much more in January. Like the tenderloin, you can also purchased pre-cooked ham by Nueske Applewood Smoked Meats.

Prime Rib- Prime rib is the ultimate celebration food, so it’s a great choice to make New Years Eve extra special. Again, use a meat thermometer to ensure your prime rib is perfectly cooked.

Beef Tenderloin- Beef tenderloin is an elegant dish that is completely worthy of the last meal of the year and like the pork tenderloin, it is easy to cook, cut and serve to a group of guests. Enjoy it with some red wine and a potato side dish.

Beef Stew- Beef stew is a bit more rustic that the other options, but just as tasty! You can even make it the day ahead and reheat it for the party since beef stew gets better when it sits for a day. Serve your beef stew with egg noodles, rice or potatoes, plus plenty of bread to mop up the stew!

What’s your favorite dish to eat on New Years Eve?


5 Tips For Hosting Your Own Olive Oil Tasting

5-tips-host-olive-oil-tastingYou’ve heard of cheese tastings but how about an olive oil tasting? A week ago I was having some friends over for dinner. Dinner was running behind (not a shocker in my house) so I looked around the kitchen to see what kind of appetizer I could make with what I had on hand. I had just acquired a few different kinds of olive oil and a giant baguette and my idea light bulb came on – let’s have an olive oil tasting! I cubed up the loaf and put it in a bowl, then poured three different kinds of olive oil into mini dipping blows. My fiance had the idea of using our cheese board to label them. Voila! Impromptu olive oil tasting!

I know I have a fancy-pants food blog but trust me, if I can do it, so can you! Continue reading for few tips for hosting your own olive oil tasting.

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Ice Cream – A Wisconsin Tradition

Ice cream is a Wisconsin tradition. The average American consumes 23 quarts of ice cream or
other frozen dairy products each year – that’s almost 6 gallons! If that sounds
like a lot of ice cream, blame Wisconsin. Ranking #3, only behind the District
of Columbia and Rhode Island, Wisconsinites significantly raise the average by
eating over 10 gallons of ice cream per person!

ice-creamWhy do we love our frozen treats so much?
Well, besides the hot and humid summers, ice cream is engrained in Wisconsin’s
history. Built in 1951, Madison plays home to the oldest university dairy
building in the United States:  Babcock
Hall Dairy Plant.

In case you forgot, July is National Ice Cream Month! Upon
proclamation in 1984, President Reagan called for all Americans to observe the
ice cream event with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.” Anyone from
Wisconsin knows that appropriate celebration always includes a few scoops (or
pints) of Babcock’s famous ice cream.

But no matter where you’re from, everybody loves ice cream.
It’s reported that 98% of all households purchase ice cream. The biggest ice
cream eaters? Children under 13 and adults age 45+.

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