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Touring Wisconsin Food

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Summer treats in Wisconsin

Summer in Wisconsin! 


Student Union Lakeside Brat Stand Photo by Rick Remeschatis

The University of Wisconsin Madison campus is in bloom, seniors have graduated and the brats are back on the student union lakeside terrace!  The outdoor grill is fired up and the students and alumni favorites are cooking.  Cold beer and ice cream too.

Student Union brats on



Babcock Hall Dairy store Photo by Rick Remeschatis


The ice cream comes from the Babcock Hall Dairy operation and is made right there on campus by the agriculture education team.


Babcock ice cream Photo by Linda Remeschatis





Babcock Ice Cream on

Looking out over the sail boats on Lake Mendota on a sunny afternoon is relaxing.  One of the nicer opportunities in Madison.   If you can’t get there yourself, you can still get the same brats that are served there and the ice cream too, both available for delivery to your door via the links above.

Grilling brats photo by Rick Remeschatis

Or perhaps you would like to fire up your grill and try a wider variety of our Wisconsinmade bratwurst.  A broad selection of brats and sauces are available at:

Bratwurst selection from

What are your favorite Wisconsin summer food treats?

Father’s Day Desserts

Every year my dad tells me, “Don’t get me anything for Father’s Day — I already have enough stuff”. But of course, I can’t really do that. So I always send a gift that is consumable. That way he has no reason to complain!

My dad has quite the sweet tooth, so my gift is usually a dessert of some kind. Here are a few great dessert gifts that can ship across the country!

Suzy's Four Flavor Cheesecake SamplerSuzy’s Four Flavor Cheesecake Sampler offers you a delicious dilemma–choosing which of these Wisconsin Cheesecakes is your favorite! With Suzy’s Four-Flavor Cheesecake Sampler, you can enjoy three perfect slices each of New York Style Cheesecake, Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecake, Black Forest Cherry Cheesecake and Chocolate Caramel Pecan Cheesecake. Order one 8 inch Cheesecake Sampler and enjoy four fantastic cheesecake flavors! This delicious Wisconsin cheesecake ships in crush-proof packaging.

Chocolate EclairsThese Chocolate Eclairs by O & H Danish Bakery are a delightful treat. Enjoy eight huge Chocolate Eclairs that are freshly baked, crispy light pastry shells packed full of cool butter-sweetened custard cream and covered with a thick layer of smooth chocolate fudge. Thaw and serve these amazing chocolate eclairs for a delicious treat you won’t soon forget. Each order of Chocolate Eclairs is shipped frozen in a special container to ensure safe delivery.

Babcock Hall Ice CreamUniversity of Wisconsin Babcock Dairy Ice Cream has been made for over 90 years on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Why not try a few of the most popular flavors and see why Babcock Ice Cream has frequently been voted Best of Madison by Madison Magazine. You can now have delivered to your door fond memories of the Union Terrace and your favorite Babcock Ice Cream. Select 4 flavors of Babcock Hall Ice Cream to be included in your variety pack: Blue Moon, Butter Pecan, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cookies and Cream, Mint Chocolate Cookie, Mocha Macchiato, Orange Custard Chocolate Chip, Strawberry, Union Utopia, and Vanilla.

Ice Cream vs Frozen Custard: Which Frosty Treat Rules Wisconsin Summer?


Summer is finally here, which means kids from ages 2 to 102 will be enjoying sweet treats like ice cream and frozen custard. Ice cream and frozen custard may look the same- both come in a variety of flavors served up on a cone (waffle for me please!) – but don’t walk into Kopp’s in Milwaukee (or Michael’s or Culver’s or any other custard only establishment) and ask for an ice cream unless you want to be corrected.

So what IS the difference between ice cream and custard anyway?

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8 Ways to Celebrate June Dairy Month


June is National Dairy Month and since Wisconsin has 1.26 million cows, we celebrate dairy month better than anyone! Here are 8 fun ways to celebrate dairy!
1. Attend a Dairy Month event.  From farm breakfasts to cheese carving contests, there’s plenty of places to go and fun activities to enjoy in June. Check out the Dairy Days of Summer website for a complete list of events around Wisconsin.
2. Fight osteoporosis. Did you know 54 million Americans have osteoporosis? This disease occurs when bones become weak due to loss of density. The National Osteoporosis Foundation encourages everyone to get enough calcium in their diet to prevent bone loss and dairy products are the best way to get calcium, so drink your milk!
3. Eat ice cream. I can’t think of a tastier way to enjoy dairy than ice cream! Legend has it that in 1881, the first ice cream sundae was served in Two Rivers, Wisconsin when a customer at a soda fountain asked for a dish of ice cream with chocolate sauce on top.

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Ice Cream – A Wisconsin Tradition

Ice cream is a Wisconsin tradition. The average American consumes 23 quarts of ice cream or
other frozen dairy products each year – that’s almost 6 gallons! If that sounds
like a lot of ice cream, blame Wisconsin. Ranking #3, only behind the District
of Columbia and Rhode Island, Wisconsinites significantly raise the average by
eating over 10 gallons of ice cream per person!

ice-creamWhy do we love our frozen treats so much?
Well, besides the hot and humid summers, ice cream is engrained in Wisconsin’s
history. Built in 1951, Madison plays home to the oldest university dairy
building in the United States:  Babcock
Hall Dairy Plant.

In case you forgot, July is National Ice Cream Month! Upon
proclamation in 1984, President Reagan called for all Americans to observe the
ice cream event with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.” Anyone from
Wisconsin knows that appropriate celebration always includes a few scoops (or
pints) of Babcock’s famous ice cream.

But no matter where you’re from, everybody loves ice cream.
It’s reported that 98% of all households purchase ice cream. The biggest ice
cream eaters? Children under 13 and adults age 45+.

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