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Operation Gratitude


Wisconsinmade is delighted at the support our customers and partner artisans have shown for our efforts to raise funds for Operation Gratitude.  Veterans Day November 11th is a great opportunity to remember those that have served our country.  military-1
Operation Gratitude seeks to send care packages to our troops and their families in an effort to bring cheer and appreciation to those that servesupport-1.  Wisconsinmade hopes to add enough new Facebook and Twitter fans to be able to donate $ 1,000.00 to this worthy organization.

Gratitude and thanks also form the basis for our Thanksgiving celebrations. has many ways to help you with your Thanksgiving preparations.  But have you noticed that many folks and commercial establishments have already switched to the Christmas holiday decorations and products?  Trees, lights and toy lands are everywhere.  Still about 45 days away, but looking around the community it looks like it might be here next week.  If you would like to participate in this early shopping experience allows you to request a delayed delivery date for any of your gifts purchased on the site.

Veterans Day and Thanksgiving are days of gratitude for many of us.  We are grateful for many things including you our customers and fans of and for all our artisan partners who provide all these quality products that are available on that are all

Made with Pride and Passion in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Thanksgiving

Pleasant View church resized

Thanksgiving church

It’s a great day to be from Wisconsin!

Wisconsin families are grateful for many blessings this Thanksgiving.  A beautiful extended fall season, bountiful yields for most of our crops, an improving economy and of course our delicious seasonal foods.


Cranberry Chutney

Thanksgiving dinner’s main course could include a ham assortment with cranberry chutney.  This chutney is a unique combination of cranberry chunks with a hint of clove mixed into a sweet cranberry sauce that goes very well with ham, turkey, pork, chicken or game meats.  I have also used it as an ingredient in a grilled cheese sandwich (sometimes with bacon!).  The three jar package on is perfect for family dinners – one jar on each end of the table and one in the middle. Highly recommended.


Caramel Apples

For dessert there is the pumpkin cream cheesecake.  And for a hostess gift we have a pair of caramel apples, some pumpkin fudge or some fall cookies.

If the tryptophan kicks in get your nap in early because the Thanksgiving football game this year is the Green Bay Packers against their NFL North Division rival the Chicago Bears.  The Packers have scheduled a ceremony and celebration honoring Bret Favre with a planned appearance by Bart Star at Lambeau Field.  Wisconsinites are thankful for the contributions to Packers history made by both of them.  A great way to end our Thanksgiving Day.

We hope your Thanksgiving Day is filled with gratitude and family fun and that you find time to enjoy some of these great Wisconsinmade products that are all

Made With Pride and Passion in Wisconsin.

Git your grill on!

Labor Day weekend.  It’s the start of high school, college and professional football season.  Cities all across Wisconsin have the dedication and verve to attend their home town high school football games on Friday nights.  And Saturday the college teams from UW Whitewater to UW La Crosse  and of course the University of Wisconsin Madison Badgers engage in gridiron battles.  On Sunday (usually) the Title Town Green Bay Packers carry on the historic honor of the only community owned team in the NFL.


Pre-game tailgating

cooler with drinks

Liquid refreshments

Well a large part of all these fans traditions relates to the fine art of “tailgating.”  Hours before the game actually begins fans gather in parking lots, parks and homes to eat, share the excitement and prepare for the game. The coolers full of various beverages, the dips and chips, the veggies and fruit with assorted dips and of course the mandatory burned meat.  Mostly sausages and hamburgers but occasionally steaks, fish, chicken and more.  

grilling burgers and dogs

gilling up some burgers and dogs

Many visitors to Wisconsin find specific meats that become favorites but are not available in their home markets.  Ethic specialties and unique preparations that they miss and wish were available.  Folks, who lived in Wisconsin, went to school in Wisconsin or vacationed in Wisconsin need to access these special meats for their tailgating parties.


Smoke Salmon sampler to the rescue!  

Wisconsinmade has a broad selection of grilling meats from a large variety – brats to hamburgers, steaks and smoked fish.  And relishes, sauces, pickles, mustard, rubs, mushrooms and all the “fixings” can be delivered right to your door, even if you live in a place that doesn’t understand the tailgating tradition.

So….. fire up that computer, order all your fondest memories of the best tailgating treats from and then on that special evening (Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday) Fire up the grill and get your game on!

On Wisconsin.

3 Unique St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Gifts

St. Patrick’s day is just around the corner. To enhance your celebrations, here are three unique cookie gifts that will put a smile on everyone’s face.

St. Patricks Top of the Morning CookiesYou’ll enjoy a great St. Patrick’s Day with these Top of the Morning Cookies by K-Delights. These hand-decorated sugar cookies come in St. Patrick’s Day designs of a rainbow, beer mug, pot of gold, shamrock and St. Patty’s Day hat. Designs and decorations of the cookies may vary. There are a total 20 cookies packaged in a silver gift tin tied with a green ribbon.

St. Patrick's Day Luck of the Irish Sugar CookiesIrish eyes will shine with these St. Patrick’s Day Luck of the Irish Sugar Cookies. These gourmet sugar cookies from Cookies From Scratch are made with an original Sugar Crisp recipe. Each shamrock-shaped cookie is decorated in green and some are dotted with a mini-chocolate shamrock. This delicious, home baked gift contains 1 dozen delicious sugar cookies that are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

Grasshopper Whoopie PiesGrasshopper Whoopie Pies are a delicious, soft cake-like sandwich cookie with a creamy buttercream filling, perfect for gift-giving. The Grasshopper Whoopie Pies are made with a fudgy chocolate cake with a refreshing mint filling. Made fresh to order with real Wisconsin butter, milk, eggs and no preservatives, whoopie pies taste as good as they look! Enjoy one dozen whoopie pies in either small or large size.

5 Best Wisconsin Cheeses for Christmas

Some people don’t consider cheese a Christmas food, but those people are not from Wisconsin. For those of us who love America’s Dairyland, no celebration is complete without a cheesey appetizer or side dish.  Here are 5 of my favorite Wisconsin cheeses for Christmas, all of which you can find at!

1. Holly Berry Cheddar Cheese Bowl – Say goodbye to “cheese” spread from a can and say “Happy Holidays!” to 100% real Wisconsin cheddar cheese.  It’s shredded, blended with some secret ingredients and packed into a festive holiday bowl. All you have to do is order it from and we’ll ship it to your door anywhere in the USA for you and your holiday guests to enjoy.



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Christmas Old School Style- St. Nicholas Day!

6003-pewter-figurine-old-world-santa-LI lived in Germany when I was a younger and my family has retained some of the traditions that we learned during our stay there. When I was a kid my favorite German tradition was St. Nicholas Day because…presents! What kid isn’t in love with presents? On the night before St. Nicholas Day, I would put my shoes by the door and hope for a visit from friendly St. Nick. He would usually bring candy and small toys. It was like having a small taste of Christmas a few weeks early.

What is St. Nicholas Day?

As I started doing some research on St. Nicholas Day, I realized my previous understanding of the holiday – shoes = candy – is extremely shallow. St. Nicholas, after all, was a saint- he had to do something great to get that title, right? The story of St. Nicholas says that he was a rich child whose parents died in an epidemic. Instead of squandering his parents’ money on an iPhone 6 and pizza delivery, like I probably would have done, St. Nick gave his parent’s riches to needy people. Stories say that St. Nick protected children, cured famine, and even prevented ship wrecks. You can read these stories and more at 

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5 Ways To Add Wisconsin Food And Flare To Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving-smoked-meats-MFP The ultimate foodie holiday, Thanksgiving, is right around the corner so of course I have to write a blog post about it. But I’m not just any foodie, I’m a WISCONSIN foodie, so I’m here to tell you how to make a Thanksgiving dinner that celebrates everything Wisconsin.

1. Start with a cheese plate. When festive smells fill your kitchen but dinner’s not ready, you’ll want to give your guests something to munch on, so put together a nice cheese plate. Include some of your Wisconsin cheese favorites like cheddar, Havarti or gouda plus fall inspired pairings like apple slices and pumpkin butter. You can even prepare the cheese plate a day ahead, just remember to take it out of the fridge an hour or so ahead so the cheese can get to room temperature for maximum flavor impact.

2. Have a side of macaroni and cheese. Growing up my mom never included macaroni and cheese in the Thanksgiving side dish line up but now that I’m in charge of my own Thanksgiving dinner, mac and cheese is a must! My favorite recipe is perfect for Thanksgiving because it’s completely stove top so it doesn’t need to compete for valuable oven space.

3. Get fancy with the cranberries. You probably have cranberries every year, and even if all you do is open a can, those cranberries are most likely from the Badger State since Wisconsin is the number 1 cranberry producing state in the USA. To really pay homage to the cranberry, skip the can and try some Wisconsin Wilderness Cranberry chutney.

4. Add a Wisconsin Kringle to your dessert spread. Keep the usual desserts like pumpkin and apple pie to avoid griping from the turkey day traditionalists, but add in something unexpected like a Wisconsin kringle. Kringles come in a variety of fall flavors like apple, pumpkin and cranberry.

5. Serve a Wisconsin-made turkey. You might have heard of Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Bacon, but have you heard of Nueske Applewood Smoked Turkey? Yep, it exists! And you can have one on your dinner table by Thanksgiving if you shop at Or if you’re feeling lucky, head over to our Facebook page before 11/11/14 to try and win a turkey.

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!

7 Wisconsin Food Halloween Costumes Ideas

hot dog dog


If you’re looking to show some Wisconsin pride this Halloween, why not dress up as your favorite Wisconsin food? Get out your glue gun because I’ve come up with seven fun and festive Wisconsin food Halloween costume ideas.

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5 Wisconsin Gifts to Get Your Boss On Boss’s Day That Will Probably Earn You a Raise

I know I’m early but I wanted to remind you that Boss’s Day is October 16. If you like your boss, you should start thinking about getting your boss a card or maybe even a gift. A good boss deserves a card because they at least complete the first two steps of being a good boss.

  • Remembering employees’ names, saying hi and making an attempt to get to know everyone.
  • Checking in on employees and making sure they have what they need to do their job.

And that’s it! It’s surprising how many bosses don’t even complete the first two steps to earn a card. Now, a few bosses are GREAT bosses, a great boss completes the first two points AND does one or more of the following:

  • Gives you regular constructive feedback on your work.
  • Makes you feel appreciated.
  • Makes you feel like you’re not afraid to make mistakes.

Does your boss make it into the gift category? Great! Here are some fun gift ideas, and there’s even a good chance the boss will share these with the whole office.

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9 Signs You’re Celebrating Easter In Wisconsin

Here’s a delightful story about what it feels like to celebrate Easter in Wisconsin.

1. You’re on your way to a family Easter gathering. It might be the end of April, but you’re still wearing a coat. 



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