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Touring Wisconsin Food

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Operation Gratitude


Wisconsinmade is delighted at the support our customers and partner artisans have shown for our efforts to raise funds for Operation Gratitude.  Veterans Day November 11th is a great opportunity to remember those that have served our country.  military-1
Operation Gratitude seeks to send care packages to our troops and their families in an effort to bring cheer and appreciation to those that servesupport-1.  Wisconsinmade hopes to add enough new Facebook and Twitter fans to be able to donate $ 1,000.00 to this worthy organization.

Gratitude and thanks also form the basis for our Thanksgiving celebrations. has many ways to help you with your Thanksgiving preparations.  But have you noticed that many folks and commercial establishments have already switched to the Christmas holiday decorations and products?  Trees, lights and toy lands are everywhere.  Still about 45 days away, but looking around the community it looks like it might be here next week.  If you would like to participate in this early shopping experience allows you to request a delayed delivery date for any of your gifts purchased on the site.

Veterans Day and Thanksgiving are days of gratitude for many of us.  We are grateful for many things including you our customers and fans of and for all our artisan partners who provide all these quality products that are available on that are all

Made with Pride and Passion in Wisconsin

Cranberries, Apples and Barbeque, Oh My!

The fall harvest festivals in bountiful Wisconsin continue this weekend.  The weather is forecasted to be a beautiful late summer early fall sampling of delight.  So what’s your pleasure?


Gays Mills Apple orchard

The city of Gays Mills in southwestern Wisconsin along with a number of area apple orchards celebrate the Gays Mills Apple Festival.  Saturday and Sunday both have scheduled events for the whole family.   This part of Wisconsin is the drift less region where it was not subjected to the glacial smoothing of the north eastern part of the state.  As a result there are picturesque hills and valleys with twisty roads and overlooks.  The ridges above Gays Mills are home to a number of apple orchards that welcome you with their offerings of apples, turnovers, cider, donuts and a sampling of dairy products from the area.

cranberry guys

Ocean Spray Cranberry harvest

The area in central Wisconsin around Warrens hosts their annual Cranberry Festival.  Cranberries are a major agricultural product for Wisconsin and we rank number one in production with over 60% of the nation’s total output harvested here.  This festival in Warrens celebrates all things cranberry with over 1.300 artisan display booths that stretch out over three miles.  You can take tours of nearby cranberry producing bogs, explore the large arts and crafts fair or sample cranberry themed food products.

beef A Rama Minocqua 2015

Grilling at Beef- A-Rama

There is also a Swiss influenced Octoberfest in New Glarus along with other October fests in a large number of communities throughout Wisconsin.   Or the Beef-A-Rama in Minocqua.  Or the Brew-B-Que in Lodi.  The Travel Wisconsin website is a great resource to find happenings in your area.


Wisconsinmade deluxe cranberry assortment

We hope you and your family can get out there and enjoy this beautiful fall weekend of food fun in Wisconsin.  And if you need quick access to these scrumptious food items check out the cranberry items the apple items and all of our meat selections on

All of them are:

Made with Pride and Passion in Wisconsin

Four Fabulous Gluten Free Foods

Gluten-free diets are becoming more common every year. There are many reasons to adopt a gluten-free diet:  gluten sensitivity, Coeliac disease, and wheat allergies are some of the more popular rationales.

Finding gluten-free food can be difficult, especially for unique products. Here is a list of four fabulous gluten-free foods from Wisconsin!

Gluten-free Turtle CheesecakeThe Gluten-free Turtle Cheesecake by CheeseCake Heaven is a delicious, rich dessert. Baked from scratch, this delightful cheesecake is sure to please everyone on your gift giving list. Chocolate Chips, Pecans and Caramel top off this heavenly delight. The 7 inch Gluten-free Turtle Cheesecake has no crust.


Croix Valley Barbecue Sauces AssortmentThe Croix Valley Barbecue Sauces Assortment allows you to choose three flavors from four excellent award-winning barbecue sauces. Developed in professional barbecue competitions across the nation, Croix Valley Barbecue Sauces are the perfect combination of ingredients that has teams winning over and over. Each distinctive variety of sauce is hand crafted in small batches and perfect to create mouth-watering ribs, chicken, pork and brisket. Flavors to choose from include Sweet & Smokey Competition Barbecue Sauce, Pitmasters Bold Competition Barbecue Sauce, Rhubarbecue Sauce, and Honey Dijon Barbecue and Brat Sauce. Liven up your next grilling experience with Croix Valley Barbecue Sauces.

Organic MacroBars AssortmentThe Organic MacroBars Assortment by GoMacro includes 10 delicious MacroBars in 5 flavors. Enjoy a vairety of organic, gluten-free snack bars in five flavors, two of each flavor: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Granola with Coconut, Cherries n Berries, Cashew Caramel, and Banana Almond Butter. Macrobiotics strengthen ones’ immune system. These organic snack bars are organic, gluten-free, vegan and high protein. No fancy gift boxes, just enjoy these Organic MacroBars yourself or send as a gift.

Honey Chocolate Mint 3-PacksOur Honey Chocolate Mint 3-Packs by Honey Acres are a perfect all natural sweet treat. Three award-winning, honey mints are wrapped together in see-through packaging. There are 24 3-packs in each box. These Honey Chocolate Mints are made from three natural ingredients: Pure Honey, Raw Dark Chocolate (98 percent cocoa with no milk or sugar added) and oil of Peppermint. The mints are dairy-free and gluten-free. Our Honey Chocolate Mint 3-Packs are a tasty snack, unique wedding favor, or a delicious gift for any occasion.

5 Seasonal Fruits for Winter

Make sure to enjoy your favorite winter fruits while they are still in season! Buying fruit in season is typically cheaper, but more importantly, tastier! Of course you can buy fruit when it’s out of season, but fresh fruit in season can provide a burst of flavor that no other food can rival.

Here are 5 winter fruits that will be out of season soon!


In Season: December – April

Different types of grapefruit may have different harvest times, but most grapefruit is best consumed in winter! Did you know that the United States is the top producer of grapefruit in the world?


In Season: October – April

Kumquats are native to south Asia and have an innate ability to survive cold temperatures, but they grow better in warm regions.


In Season: October – April

We don’t usually think of limes as a seasonal fruit, but they are! There are different types of limes grown all over the world in different seasons, but winter limes are something special.


In Season: September – January

There are so many types of olives and many have different growing seasons. But many of the olives you will find in grocery stores are prime for eating in winter.


In Season: February – April

Guavas are very rich in Vitamin C and are native to Mexico and Central America. India is now the top global producer.

5 Reasons Kale Is Still Awesome

5-reasons-kaleI’m late to the party with my kale obsession, but better late than never. I know some people are bored of kale, but how could that be possible?! Here are five reasons why kale will always have a spot in the veggie drawer of my fridge.

1. Kale is a super healthy super food. If you’re like me, you probably say to yourself “I know kale is good for me, but why exactly?” You can stop wondering because I looked it up for you! According to, kale contains antioxidants that help lower blood pressure, folates that contribute to brain health, and the leafy green even has the “ability to stimulate natural detoxifying enzymes and reduces brain inflammation as well as the risk of breast and prostate cancer.” Wow! Who knew?

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Popcorn – A Healthy Snack Choice

Popcorn is one of the best healthiest snacks you can eat. In fact, popcorn even has some added nutritional benefits and antioxidants. The Healthy Home Economist website tells us it is due to the polyphenols that are present in popcorn.  Professor Vinson says that “Popcorn has more antioxidants in total than other snack foods that you can consume and it also has quite a bit of fiber.”  Wow!  Isn’t that great?


I love popcorn.  In fact it is my “go to” meal when my husband is not going to be home for dinner. It is just me and a big over stuffed bowl of popcorn covered with butter and salt. Yum! Unfortunately some of that healthiness disappears when I add the butter and salt.  In fact, the people at say that popcorn is the number 1 healthiest snack as long as it is not drenched in butter.  Darn!  I wonder what they would have to say about caramel corn?  Probably not so healthy either but it sure is tasty.





At our customer’s favorites include over 30 gourmet popcorn gifts and gift ideas for those popcorn lovers in your life.  We have popped or un-popped popcorn as well as delicious caramel corn, cheese popcorn and other favorite flavors and seasonings for your eating enjoyment.

If you are looking for a nice healthy gift to send, we have popcorn gift tins including pet lover tins, sports tins, party tins and patriotic tins. Or we have gift baskets, bowls and gift assortments.  You can’t go wrong with Wisconsinmade gourmet popcorn!

Have you tried our Herring? It is the best – seriously!

Our Bay View Herring has consistently remained one of our top sellers over the years.  Our customers keep coming back for more of this delicious delicacy.

Bay View Packing Company in Wisconsin is a family owned and operated corporation established in 1923. They are dedicated to providing pickled delicacies to discriminating buyers. Their scrumptious foods are produced with skill and Old World traditions passed on through four generations. This assures patrons of high quality, gourmet products.

The Bay View Packing Company Herring is the finest imported herring in the world. They are harvested from the cold, clear waters of the Atlantic, which produces a firm but delicate filet.  You can find more details about Atlantic herring at wikipedia.

Whether you like herring in a wine sauce or cream sauce, you will find our Bay View herring a delicious and healthy snack.

Our customers have been delighted with the quality of our herring and they keep coming back,  as you can see from the customer reviews on

Our Herring in cream sauce is a hand-packed tasty treat, made only with pure Wisconsin dairy sour cream, fresh cut onions, and seasonings.

Our Herring in Wine Sauce is prepared with a rich wine sauce, fresh cut onions, and a blend of spices, making it a popular seller all year-round.





Our Pickled Herring Sampler by Bay View lets you mix and match your favorite herring varieties – you can choose pickled herring in wine sauce or pickled herring in cream sauce. The herring must be refrigerated upon arrival. It is best consumed within one month after opening. Any sealed jar of herring has a shelf life of nine months in the refrigerator. The herring sampler is a great idea if you want to share some with a friend or enjoy it at your next party.

Wisconsin Artisan Spotlight: Navarino Elk and Buffalo Ranch

wisc-artisan-navarino-1The artisans of Wisconsin make products with pride and passion, and Terry Diedrich of Navarino Valley Elk and Buffalo Ranch is the perfect example. Today I got the chance to talk to him about his business. Terry raises elk and buffalo and sells the meat to local restaurants and farmers market patrons. He also sells jerky and summer sausage on

Terry was born and raised in Wisconsin in a family of dairy farmers. He knew he wanted to work in agriculture, but he decided to work smarter. He learned that raising elk and buffalo would be less labor intensive than milking cows, and since elk and buffalo don’t mind a few hills, he could raise his animals on rough terrain. Today Terry has over 100 elk and 200 bison on his ranch.

After a few minutes of talking to Terry you can tell there’s a deeper purpose to his business than making elk jerky and buffalo burgers. Terry is committed to raising animals without the use of antibiotics and hormones. I asked him how people feel about less common meat varieties.

“Initially people didn’t get it,” Terry said, “But more and more people have learned about the health benefits of elk and bison.”

The health benefits he’s talking about are apparent when you compare elk and bison to more common meats like beef and pork.  Elk and buffalo have less fat, less cholesterol, and  more omega-3s. Terry also raises his animals free from hormones and antibiotics. Since the details of modern agriculture are too dull for a food fun blog, I won’t get into that, but let’s just say that Terry is committed to raising animals to make the best quality meat available.

Just for fun, I asked Terry about his favorite elk or buffalo dish. He loves a good gourmet burger, especially if there’s a homemade bun and gourmet toppings involved. You can find more yummy food photos on the Navarino Elk and Buffalo Ranch Facebook page, or shop for gift baskets of elk and bison sausage and jerky on

Have you ever tried elk or buffalo meat? What do you think?

As a special gift to Edible Antics readers, you can enter promotion code FUNBLOG at checkout to get 10% off food gifts at





Celiac Awareness Month: 1 in 133 Americans Struggle with Celiac Disease

celiac-awareness-monthMay is Celiac Awarenmess Month and with 1 in 133 Americans struggling with celiac disease, you probably know someone who has it. People with celiac disease can’t tolerate gluten, a protein found in grains like wheat, barely and rye.

When I think about what I eat during a normal day, I can really appreciate how difficult it is to avoid gluten. I would have to change my whole diet. My beloved morning English muffin, my tasty pizza creations and even beer would no longer be on my menu. Luckily, eating a gluten free diet has become more popular, and gluten free foods, including baked goods, are becoming more accessible.

If you or someone you know has celiac disease, or can’t eat gluten for other reasons, there are some great resources available:

Gluten Free Product ReviewsThe National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) has a blog with gluten free product reviews. This is a valuable resource for finding gluten free snacks that taste just as good as the regular version.

Gluten Free Recipe of the Week– If you can’t eat gluten but you love to cook, this blog is for you.  The blog showcases a new gluten free recipe every week, also brought to you by the NFCA.

Gluten Free Gifts – If you need to send a gift to someone on a gluten free diet, visit, which features a whole gluten free section including candy, salad dressings, snack bars and more.


Made in America Products for Grilling


Keep your cookout local with these made in America products for grilling. With record breaking warm temperatures here in Madison we’re all heading outside to cook and enjoy the weather.



Cedar Planks– Cooking with cedar planks is a technique that infuses a woodsy cedar flavor into your cooking. Just soak the plank in some water then place it on the grill, then place your food of choice on top of the planks. The planks will flavor any type of meat or vegetable, but my favorite use of the cedar plank is cooking grilled fish.





Grilling Set- Show your team spirit while you flip burgers and you’ll be the talk of the tailgate with this Packers grilling set. It is also available with other Wisconsin team logos including Wisconsin Badgers and Milwaukee Brewers.






Bratwurst– Grocery store brats are fine but why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary. The best place in the USA to get bratwurst is Bavaria Sausage Kitchen in Madison, Wisconsin. They use old world recipes to create distinctive bratwurst that put those grocery store brands to shame. In fact, the founders of Bavaria Sausage Kitchen claim they introduced the bratwurst to Wisconsin.





BBQ Sauce- I have the cranberry orange flavor of Howling Wolf barbecue sauce in my fridge right now, and sometimes I’m tempted to pour it in a glass and drink it because I like it so much! If you would rather eat your barbecue sauce on food instead of drink it, visit the Howling Wolf blog for recipe ideas.





Grilling Cookies- After a savory meal of cedar plank salmon or bratwurst or barbecued chicken, you will be craving something sweet, so celebrate the grill with these gorgeous hand decorated sugar cookies. These also make a memorable gift for the grill master in your life.

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