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Touring Wisconsin Food

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Summer treats in Wisconsin

Summer in Wisconsin! 


Student Union Lakeside Brat Stand Photo by Rick Remeschatis

The University of Wisconsin Madison campus is in bloom, seniors have graduated and the brats are back on the student union lakeside terrace!  The outdoor grill is fired up and the students and alumni favorites are cooking.  Cold beer and ice cream too.

Student Union brats on



Babcock Hall Dairy store Photo by Rick Remeschatis


The ice cream comes from the Babcock Hall Dairy operation and is made right there on campus by the agriculture education team.


Babcock ice cream Photo by Linda Remeschatis





Babcock Ice Cream on

Looking out over the sail boats on Lake Mendota on a sunny afternoon is relaxing.  One of the nicer opportunities in Madison.   If you can’t get there yourself, you can still get the same brats that are served there and the ice cream too, both available for delivery to your door via the links above.

Grilling brats photo by Rick Remeschatis

Or perhaps you would like to fire up your grill and try a wider variety of our Wisconsinmade bratwurst.  A broad selection of brats and sauces are available at:

Bratwurst selection from

What are your favorite Wisconsin summer food treats?

Father’s Day Gifts

Fathers everywhere get their special day on June 21st.  This year Father’s Day falls on Sunday and is also the first day of summer.  All rolled into one!  It’s a day off, the longest day of the year and special treatment on Father’s Day.  Wow, the stars must be in alignment.  Is there anything special you do with your dad?  Or a special treat you get for him? features many suggestions for that special dad:

Meats range fWisconsin badger packer brewer t shirtrom brats and bacon to buffalo and venison sausages.  Apparel includes the Brewers to the Packers and University of Wisconsin, too.  Choose from travel books, fishing books and all kinds of “dad worthy” items.

Brat Fest: Memorial Day Weekend

Brat FestAs we all remember and honor our fallen service members this weekend we thank them all for their service to our country. Brat Fest is an annual Memorial Day festival in Madison, Wisconsin where we celebrate the mighty bratwurst. It is a giant gathering of folks to listen to music, drink some beverages, eat some brats and raise funds for over one hundred local charities. It has grown over the last 30 years and now is three days long. Over 3,200 volunteers help at the grills, serve food, keep things clean and safe. They each earn $8 per hour, which is donated back to their charity of choice and the end of the event. Over the years more than $1.5 million has been raised. If you can’t be there in person a broad selection of Wisconsin brats are available at

Apple Bratwurst

Apple Bratwurst

Sheboygan Brats

Sheboygan Brats

Bacon Cheddar Bratwurst

Bacon Cheddar Bratwurst

Mushroom Swiss Cheese Brats

Mushroom Swiss Cheese Brats

International Bratwurst Sampler

International Bratwurst Sampler

Apple Bratwurst

Apple Bratwurst

University of Wisconsin Union Bratwurst

University of Wisconsin Union Bratwurst

Packer Bratwurst

Packer Bratwurst

5 Food Trend Predictions for 2015

3125841124_2a877fca9b_zHere it is, my first and favorite blog post of the year. The blog post where I get to look ahead to the year in food and predict what flavors, dishes and treats will be popular in the year to come. Last year I predicted deviled eggs, waffles and buratta would pop up on restaurant menus and in foodie kitchens. Want to know what I think we’ll be eating this year? Read on!

  1. Old Fashioned Cocktails. Is the Old Fashioned the official cocktail of Wisconsin? If not, it should be. Wisconsinites LOVE a brandy Old Fashioned. But you know what’s also tasty? A bourbon Old Fashioned. According to my local bartender, drinkers are skipping the vodka and gin in exchange for bourbon and scotch. I’m predicting bourbon Old Fashioned cocktails will be the top cocktail of 2015.
  2. Pumpkin Seeds. I made a pumpkin soup recently and the recipe suggested I roast the seeds as a topping for the soup. I’d never roasted pumpkin seeds myself, but I’d tried them at restaurants before and I always liked them, so I decided to tackle this extra step. Taking the seeds out of the pumpkin guts was more work than I had hoped for, put after patting the seeds dry, tossing them with olive oil and salt, then roasting them in the oven for about 25 minutes, I came to the conclusion that roasting pumpkin seeds is SO WORTH IT! Yum! I snacked on so many they almost didn’t make it into the soup. You can also do the same thing with butternut squash seeds.
  3. Geek Yogurt for everything. There’s no denying Americans have developed a taste for Greek yogurt. It’s slowly but surely taking over the entire yogurt section at the grocery store. But if all you’re doing is eating fruity Greek yogurt as a snack, you’re missing out. Plain Greek yogurt makes a healthier substitute for sour cream. You won’t even notice the difference in taste when you use it to top tacos, baked potatoes, or even as a substitute for sour cream in dips.
  4. Cheese Grits. Grits are a traditionally Southern food that’s known for being bland, but melt in some Wisconsin cheese and top them with Nuekse bacon and you’ve got an amazing breakfast. You’re welcome South.
  5. Grilled Pizza. Attention pizza lovers- you must try grilling pizza! Grilled pizza is chewier and has a smokey flavor that oven pizza just can’t deliver. Read here for great grilled pizza instructions.

What foods do you think will be popular in 2015?

5 Safety Tips for Summer Grilling in Wisconsin



Ah, summer grilling in Wisconsin! We love our brats and burgers, and after a tough winter we’ve earned some fun in the sun, but nothing will kill your summer buzz like a trip to the emergency room for a burn or a food born illness. Here are some tips to make sure your summer if full of tasty AND safety!

1. Use a different plate for raw and cooked meats. The juices from raw meat can contain harmful bacteria, and those hang out on the plate that you take out to the grill. Make sure to use a fresh plate for the cooked meat. Also, wash your hands and any surfaces that come in contact with raw meat.

2. Lock down the trash. This tip is mostly for our four legged friends. Corn cobs, chicken bones and other common cook out trash can be harmful to pets. Make sure the trash can has a fido and fluffly proof lid.

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Octoberfest Celebrations – Beer and Bratwurst

Oktoberfest is a 16-day beer festival that is held annually in Munich Germany. The event has been celebrated in Germany since 1810. It started that year as a prenuptial festivity for a royal wedding and it was so popular an event,  it was recreated every year after, always starting in September  and ending in October. Oktoberfest  is not only one of the most famous  events in Germany,  it is one of the world’s largest festivals, with more than 6 million people from around the world attending the event every year.

In 1999 there were six and a half million visitors –  72% are from Bavaria,  the rest of from all over the world,  including the United States, Canada, Australia and East Asia. Not only is beer flowing but a number of foods are served during the festival including chicken, ham hocks, sausages, bratwurst,  weisswurst and others.  For more information about the historical Oktoberfest in Germany you can go to wikipedia.

If you can’t get to Germany, and many of us cannot, there are some great US Oktoberfest celebrations as well. Given that about 20 percent of  Americans  claim to have some German ancestry,  it has become a very popular event in many cities in the US.

In Wisconsin there are numerous cities that enjoy day long Oktoberfest festivals with lots of beer, bratwurst, knockwurst and weisswurst.  German heritage in Wisconsin is very prominent throughout these cities and it is definitely a must-attend festivity for beer and bratwurst lovers.  Below are just a few of the cities in Wisconsin that yearly celebrate their German heritage by hosting this beer loving event.
Appleton – Sept 27 and 28
New Glarus  – Sept 27 – 29.
Chippewa Falls – Sept 20 – 22.
Milwaukee – Sept 6-7, 13-14, 20-21, 27-28
La Crosse – Sept 27 – October 5

Looking for a unique Father’s Day Gift? Surprise Dad with some Wisconsin Bratwurst

Bratwusts are indeed a Wisconsin Tradition and they are among our top selling gourmet treats on bratwursts are sure to please your Dad for Father’s Day. We have over 25 varieties of bratwursts for you to chose from.

One of our top sellers that has remained at the top for the last 8 years is our Octoberfest Sampler. It includes one 4 pack of Knackwurst, one 5 pack of pre-cooked Red Lager Beer Bratwurst, one 6 pack of Nurnberger Bratwurst, one 5 pack of Munich Weisswurst and one 5 pack of Smoked Beer Bratwurst – approximately 5-6 lbs. This Octoberfest Bratwurst Sampler makes for the perfect grill out.

And as always with our top sellers, we include a few of our customers’ comments. They say it best.

“This is the best sausages I’ve had since getting back from Berlin! Thanks so much, I’m a customer for life! “ Andrew

“All 3 orders arrived to their destinations in California in plenty of time for the holiday. Recipients are quite overjoyed and overfed.”   Irene

“I purchased the product as a gift and the recipients were very pleased. What a great idea for a different gift! The product came as described and the shipping was quick and convenient. I’ll definitely order from again.”   Linda


And for the bratwurst lover, we now have a Bratwust Bi-monthly Club for a gift that keeps on giving through the year.



Wisconsin’s Favorite Grilling Foods

Grilling season is upon us, so fire up those grills because cookout season is here! We have a few must-have Wisconsin grilling foods to make your barbeque, cookout or party this summer an event to remember.

We have over 25 varieties of bratwurst for you to choose from including beer brats, Sheboygan brats, cheddar brats and many authentic German style bratwursts.  We also have a fine selection of beef steaks for those hearty beef lovers you will be grilling for. To accompany those steaks and brats we have some special grilling sauces to make them even tastier.

Bratwurst – Brats are Wisconsin’s number one grilling food. Some of the best bratwursts in Wisconsin come from Bavaria Sausage Kitchen, a Madison, Wisconsin establishment that creates old world, German style sausages. People say they taste just like the real deal in Germany. If you can’t make it to Madison to try them, the helpful folks at will have some shipped anywhere in the continental USA.

Barbeque Grilling Sauces – Wisconsin is also home to the barbeque grilling experts Mad Dog and Merrill. This duo of “Grillologist” hosts a show called Midwest Grill’n, and have their own line of sauces, marinades, and even a cookbook. A Mad Dog and Merrill gift set is the perfect gift for the start of grilling season. You will find grilling recipes and tips.

Gourmet Hot Dogs – Gourmet hot dogs are a big culinary trend right now. Be sure to start out with a quality hot dog like Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Wieners then top it with out-of-the-box ingredients like special relishes, pickled onions, or gourmet mustards.

Beef Steaks – These exceptional hand-selected filet mignon steaks are cut from the heart of the Tenderloin, and are known for their unsurpassed flavor and consistency. Each filet mignon steak is carefully aged by Neesvig’s and quick-frozen to retain every drop of juiciness, and flavor. Each extra trim filet mignon is a 4 oz. steak — your choice of 4 steaks or 8 steaks

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