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My Favorite Dessert: Cheesecake

Cheesecake has been my favorite dessert for as long as I can remember. My dad used to make cheesecakes when I was little, with his own recipe that had been refined over the years. Eventually I was given the recipe and learned the trade.

Unfortunately my childhood experience has ruined almost all restaurant cheesecake for me. I’m constantly amazed when my friends order cheesecake and exclaim how amazing it is, only for me to taste it and think to myself, “you paid for this?”

Now I am not here to share my family’s cheesecake secrets, and quite frankly our recipe can be found on numerous websites with just a few slight modifications. However, I would like to share the one cheesecake I have ever tasted that I have to admit is better than my dad’s: Suzy’s Four Flavor Cheesecake Sampler.

Suzy's Four Flavor Cheesecake Sampler


This cheesecake caught my attention at a party, as all cheesecakes do. I had to try it. I started with the plain New York Style cheesecake. I typically prefer plain cheesecakes so I can appreciate the simplicity and truly judge the quality. Well, it was delicious — firmer than my dad’s, but just as creamy.

I moved on to each of the other flavors, one by one: Chocolate Amaretto, Black Forest Cherry, and Chocolate Caramel Pecan. Each flavor is so unique and tasty.

The cheesecake sampler is beautifully presented and perfect for parties. It is with an awkward mix of embarrassment and awe that I recommend Suzy’s cheesecake and remind myself that I still have a thing or two to learn about my favorite dessert.

Hand-Decorated Easter Sugar Cookies

Easter is almost here! Hand-decorated Easter-themed cookies put a smile on everyone’s face — for both kids and adults! Here are a few fun decorated cookies for Easter:

Easter Sugar Cookies Assortment“I received a thank you note from my cousin in Virginia. He told me the cookies were almost too pretty to eat, but they polished them off in two days. I think they were a hit!” — Lori on the Easter Sugar Cookies Assortment


Easter Morning Sugar Cookie Gift Tin“Wow… what beautiful cookies, and the taste wonderful. My grandchildren just loved them.” — Mary Ann on the Easter Morning Sugar Cookie Gift Tin


Flower Garden Sugar Cookie Crisp Gift Box“Bought these as a get well gift for my mom. She was very happy with them.” — Anonymous on the Flower Garden Sugar Cookie Crisp Gift Box



Four Fabulous Gluten Free Foods

Gluten-free diets are becoming more common every year. There are many reasons to adopt a gluten-free diet:  gluten sensitivity, Coeliac disease, and wheat allergies are some of the more popular rationales.

Finding gluten-free food can be difficult, especially for unique products. Here is a list of four fabulous gluten-free foods from Wisconsin!

Gluten-free Turtle CheesecakeThe Gluten-free Turtle Cheesecake by CheeseCake Heaven is a delicious, rich dessert. Baked from scratch, this delightful cheesecake is sure to please everyone on your gift giving list. Chocolate Chips, Pecans and Caramel top off this heavenly delight. The 7 inch Gluten-free Turtle Cheesecake has no crust.


Croix Valley Barbecue Sauces AssortmentThe Croix Valley Barbecue Sauces Assortment allows you to choose three flavors from four excellent award-winning barbecue sauces. Developed in professional barbecue competitions across the nation, Croix Valley Barbecue Sauces are the perfect combination of ingredients that has teams winning over and over. Each distinctive variety of sauce is hand crafted in small batches and perfect to create mouth-watering ribs, chicken, pork and brisket. Flavors to choose from include Sweet & Smokey Competition Barbecue Sauce, Pitmasters Bold Competition Barbecue Sauce, Rhubarbecue Sauce, and Honey Dijon Barbecue and Brat Sauce. Liven up your next grilling experience with Croix Valley Barbecue Sauces.

Organic MacroBars AssortmentThe Organic MacroBars Assortment by GoMacro includes 10 delicious MacroBars in 5 flavors. Enjoy a vairety of organic, gluten-free snack bars in five flavors, two of each flavor: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Granola with Coconut, Cherries n Berries, Cashew Caramel, and Banana Almond Butter. Macrobiotics strengthen ones’ immune system. These organic snack bars are organic, gluten-free, vegan and high protein. No fancy gift boxes, just enjoy these Organic MacroBars yourself or send as a gift.

Honey Chocolate Mint 3-PacksOur Honey Chocolate Mint 3-Packs by Honey Acres are a perfect all natural sweet treat. Three award-winning, honey mints are wrapped together in see-through packaging. There are 24 3-packs in each box. These Honey Chocolate Mints are made from three natural ingredients: Pure Honey, Raw Dark Chocolate (98 percent cocoa with no milk or sugar added) and oil of Peppermint. The mints are dairy-free and gluten-free. Our Honey Chocolate Mint 3-Packs are a tasty snack, unique wedding favor, or a delicious gift for any occasion.

3 Unique St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Gifts

St. Patrick’s day is just around the corner. To enhance your celebrations, here are three unique cookie gifts that will put a smile on everyone’s face.

St. Patricks Top of the Morning CookiesYou’ll enjoy a great St. Patrick’s Day with these Top of the Morning Cookies by K-Delights. These hand-decorated sugar cookies come in St. Patrick’s Day designs of a rainbow, beer mug, pot of gold, shamrock and St. Patty’s Day hat. Designs and decorations of the cookies may vary. There are a total 20 cookies packaged in a silver gift tin tied with a green ribbon.

St. Patrick's Day Luck of the Irish Sugar CookiesIrish eyes will shine with these St. Patrick’s Day Luck of the Irish Sugar Cookies. These gourmet sugar cookies from Cookies From Scratch are made with an original Sugar Crisp recipe. Each shamrock-shaped cookie is decorated in green and some are dotted with a mini-chocolate shamrock. This delicious, home baked gift contains 1 dozen delicious sugar cookies that are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

Grasshopper Whoopie PiesGrasshopper Whoopie Pies are a delicious, soft cake-like sandwich cookie with a creamy buttercream filling, perfect for gift-giving. The Grasshopper Whoopie Pies are made with a fudgy chocolate cake with a refreshing mint filling. Made fresh to order with real Wisconsin butter, milk, eggs and no preservatives, whoopie pies taste as good as they look! Enjoy one dozen whoopie pies in either small or large size.

3 Tasty Super Bowl Party Foods

Super Bowl parties are always fun. Even if the Packers aren’t playing, your Super Bowl party can still have a tasty Wisconsin theme.

Wisconsin Cheese CurdsWisconsin Cheese Curds are a local Wisconsin favorite, made fresh everyday. Pop these cheddar curds in the microwave for a few seconds and you will have fresh-tasting squeaky curds. Your Super Bowl guests will love them.



Bacon Caramel CornBacon Caramel Corn is a delicious sweet and salty snack. It is made from scratch with bits of Applewood Smoked Bacon added for a unique, crispy taste! A perfect Super Bowl treat for your guests.



Super Bowl Cookie Gift TinThe Super Bowl Cookie Gift Tin is an assortment of delicious sugar cookies honoring this year’s Super Bowl contenders. K-Delights will complete your tailgate party every year with an updated set of cookies. All 20 sugar cookies are homemade and individually hand decorated in the shapes of helmets, footballs and the Lombardi trophy. Attractively packaged in the gift tin with a ribbon wrapped around it.

Happy Anniversary and Congratulations! We Survived Year 1 of Marriage

pie photo

In my first job out of college I learned all about how to manage expectations. Under promise, over deliver. Well, I wish someone had managed my expectations about the biggest event of my life that happened 1 year ago this month- my marriage to my husband Phil.

The actual day was perfect. I was surrounded by people who truly loved me, my (now) husband, my mom and dad, my best friends, my super-senior grandparents who traveled from Pennsylvania, and my husband’s family who from day one have made me feel loved and accepted. Seeing all of the people who traveled from far and wide to be in Wisconsin for our wedding (I like to tell people it was a destination wedding for everyone but the bride and groom) made me feel like I MUST be doing SOMETHING right in life to have this many people who cared about me. Plus there were cheese curds, five different kinds of pie, and New Glarus Spotted Cow on tap at the reception- so trust me, it was an awesome day.

The perfection of the day itself contributed to my mismanaged expectations. I was under the impression that the fun would continue for the first year at the very least. That’s why they call it the honeymoon phase, right? BUT to my surprise life went pretty much back to normal –job issues, cars breaking down, pets messing up the carpet… and about a million conversations the begin with “it makes me feel [insert feeling] when you [annoying behavior].”


(First world problems I know- for the record, I try not to get overly stressed about the small stuff, and as my dad says, everything is small stuff. )

But to be perfectly honest I was a little freaked out. If it’s this hard in year one how hard is it going to get?

Fast forward to first anniversary. I was adamant with my husband that we take some time to slow down and celebrate. He didn’t want to go out for dinner since he had just spent the week dining out with clients with his job (see, there you go getting in the way of my bliss, dang you life!). So instead, I made a healthy but still fancy dinner for two at home with wine, candles, matching dishes and cloth napkins. We reread the notes we wrote each other on our wedding day and all of a sudden all of the small stuff that happened in the last year felt down right microscopic.

I’ve attended 3 weddings so far this year with a fourth one on the books for next weekend, so my advice to the newlyweds is this:

Life goes on marriage or no marriage and it will keep going on whether you stop to appreciate your spouse or not, but I suggest you do appreciate them. And it doesn’t have to be with expensive jewelry or steak dinners. Sometimes an $8 bottle of wine, a home cooked meal and some cloth napkins are enough to say “thanks for putting up with me.”

Oh, and by the way, I have to pay the bills on this blog, so check out Anniversary Gifts by Year at 


Photo by Hanson Photography. 

5 Wisconsin Blueberry Foods for National Blueberry Month in July

July is National Blueberry Month so it’s time to celebrate everything that is red, white, and blueberry! Blueberries are a welcomed addition to jam, baked goods, even fizzy beverages, and when you factor in their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, blueberries are a winner! Here are 5 Wisconsin blueberry foods to enjoy in July or anytime!

Blueberry Cream Soda – If you love soda but are tired of the same old flavors at the gas station, try Blumer’s Blueberry Cream Soda. For an extra special summer treat, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a blueberry float!


Blueberry Kringle – The Kringle bakers in Racine, Wisconsin bake Kringles with an endless variety of fillings, so if you haven’t tried a blueberry Kringle, National Blueberry Month is the perfect time! Kringles ship nationwide straight from the bakery in Racine so you can enjoy the fresh baked Kringle taste almost anywhere.


Wild Blueberry Citrus Jam – The founders of Lu Austin Brand believe in natural and healthy foods, and the superfood blueberries fit in perfectly to their vision. The Wild Blueberry Citrus Jam blends fresh berries with orange, lemon and a hint of cinnamon that will make the most of your toast.


Blueberry Bran Muffin Mix – Imagine a peaceful grain mill on the banks of a meandering river in the Wisconsin countryside. Now imagine fresh from the oven blueberry muffins with generous amounts of melted butter. This muffin mix is the bridge between the two. A gift set of three flavors makes the perfect gift for the baker in your family.


Blueberry Pie  Julia Child once said that a party without cake is only a meeting. As much as I love Julia, I disagree. Pie can make a party just as well as cake can! If you love pie, check out the Pie of the Month Club, – you can get a pie delivered to your door once a month!



What’s your favorite blueberry food?

Ice Cream vs Frozen Custard: Which Frosty Treat Rules Wisconsin Summer?


Summer is finally here, which means kids from ages 2 to 102 will be enjoying sweet treats like ice cream and frozen custard. Ice cream and frozen custard may look the same- both come in a variety of flavors served up on a cone (waffle for me please!) – but don’t walk into Kopp’s in Milwaukee (or Michael’s or Culver’s or any other custard only establishment) and ask for an ice cream unless you want to be corrected.

So what IS the difference between ice cream and custard anyway?

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8 Fun Facts About Rhubarb


8-facts-rhubarbAround  this time last year I wrote a post about rhubarb and it got 225 Facebook Likes! Wow! I’m the kind of blogger who likes to give the people what they want, and you voted with your clicks that you want MORE RHUBARB! So here are 8 fun facts about rhubarb!

1. Don’t let the sweet rhubarb desserts fool you- rhubarb is actually a vegetable.

2. The leaves of rhubarb are poisonous if you eat them, so don’t!

3. Fans celebrate rhubarb at rhubarb festivals all over the world, including Rhubrarb Days in Osceola, Wisconsin (June 6-7). 

4. Rhubarb was first cultivated in China in 2700 BC for medical purposes.

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5 Ways to Add Wisconsin Cranberries to Your Christmas Celebration

5-ways-to-add-cranberriesNot only is the cranberry a Christmas favorite, it’s also the official state fruit of Wisconsin. Wisconsin produces more cranberries than any other state and each year Wisconsin cranberry growers harvest enough berries to give every person in the entire world 26 berries! Enjoy cranberries during the holiday season by encroprating them into your celebration with these fun ideas.

Cranberry Kringle – The state fruit of Wisconsin and the state pastry of Wisconsin come together in this sweet treat. Layers of flaky pastry and creamy icing make this Wisconsin staple pefrect for breakfast or dessert.

Cranberry Cocktail- When you think of cranberry cocktails, don’t limit yourself to the cosmo. Cranberries provide a hint of tartness that is welcome in many Christmas cocktails. This white Christmas sangria for example, looks festive with red cranberries and a Christmas tree-like rosemary sprig for a garnish!

Cranberry Trail Mix – You can use dried cranberries in place of raisins in just about any situation, and in Wisconsin we like to add them to trail mix! This gourmet trail mix can be purchased by the case so you can hand it out to all of your friends during the holidays.

Cranberry Chutney – Wisconsin Wilderness Cranberry Chutney flies off the shelves during the holiday season in Wisconsin and it’s easy to see why. It makes a colorful side dish and tastes great on chicken or apples but in my opinion, the best way to serve it is on top of baked brie!

Cranberry Bliss Bars- I make these every year for Christmas. A cranberry bliss bar is a blondie with cream cheese icing, cranberries and white chocolate. It was originally made popular by Starbucks, but I did a side by side taste test and my homemade version knocks the store bought version out of the park. Find the recipe here.

For more yummy cranberry treats that will ship straight to your door, visit

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