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Touring Wisconsin Food

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Bacon On A Stick!

4C_WSF_stacked_datedThe Wisconsin State Fair is underway with all the treats and attractions you can imagine.


A wisconsin State Fair Cream Puff pastry

There is of course the world famous Cream Puffs.  As you move through the line you can observe the production process as it happens.

Of course there are brats and beer.   But there is also a large selection of more exotic foods.  Shark bites and alligator bites are two of them.

alligaotr bites

Alligator bites

And how about those items that are “on a stick?” Ok, so here are a few:


Chocolate covered cranberries on a stick

chocolate bacon on a stick

Chocolate covered bacon on a stick

cheesecake on a stick

cheesecake on a stick

Something for everyone!

How about deep fried bacon wrapped tater tots on a stick!

bacon wrapped tater tots

“Lug Nuts” – bacon wrapped tater tots

The winners in the annual Wisconsin State Fair meats competition have been announced.  Congratulatins to Tim Haen of Haen Meat Packing in Kaukauna for his first place bacon and another first place for his Jalapeno Cheese Summer Sausage.

It seems everyone agrees that if it has bacon – it’s better. agrees and includes a smoked bacon sampler and more from Jones Dairy.  One pound of each – cheerywood smoked and hickory smoked bacon.  Yum!

The Wisconsin State Fair is a wonderful day of fun and treats for all.  If you are in the Milwaukee area in early August plan to spend a day here.  If you can’t make it, many of the fine items Made with Pride and Passion by the Artisans of Wisconsin are available on

Authentic Brats

Are your Bratwurst “Authentic”?

It’s grilling season here in Wisconsin.  All summer long and well into the fall football tailgating season we grill things.  Steaks, fish, vegi’s, pizza and of course the sausages known as bratwurst.  But is there only one “authentic” bratwurst?  The debate rages on here in Wisconsin.  Smoked, precooked or fresh?  Boiled in beer before you grill them or put them right on the grill?  But those of us who do not sweat the small stuff enjoy a grand variety of brats.  The texture of the meat varies from a course grind to a finer version similar to that found in hot dogs.  The flavors vary from mild to spicy.  The meats included have various combinations of pork, beef, veal and chicken.  Then some meat artisans add cheeses, mushrooms, apple, cherries or other complimentary items.

Wisconsin hosts a large German Fest in Milwaukee this coming weekend July 24 through July 26 where there will be tons of brats consumed.  This is their 35 year of celebrating all things German – food (brats!), history, music, traditions and more.

The city of Sheboygan, Wisconsin claims to be the center of the bratwurst world and many meat artisans make a version of brats they call “Sheboygan brats.”  But there are many additional varieties available.  See the broad selection of brats offered on


Nurnberger bratwurstSee

The Nurnburger brat has a narrow diameter (about like your little finger) slightly longer version made famous in Nurenburg, Germany.





Bacon cheddar bratwurst


The bacon cheddar brat adds two of Wisconsin’s favorites to the sausage




University of Wisconsin Union Terrace brat

The University of Wisconsin Union Terrace brats are the ones served on the lakeside terrace on the Madison campus.






Sausage sampler pack

If you are adventurous and would like to try a few versions the sampler packs give the chance to experiment with a variety of tastes.

All of these delicious brats and more are available on

What’s your favorite variety of brat?

Summer treats in Wisconsin

Summer in Wisconsin! 


Student Union Lakeside Brat Stand Photo by Rick Remeschatis

The University of Wisconsin Madison campus is in bloom, seniors have graduated and the brats are back on the student union lakeside terrace!  The outdoor grill is fired up and the students and alumni favorites are cooking.  Cold beer and ice cream too.

Student Union brats on



Babcock Hall Dairy store Photo by Rick Remeschatis


The ice cream comes from the Babcock Hall Dairy operation and is made right there on campus by the agriculture education team.


Babcock ice cream Photo by Linda Remeschatis





Babcock Ice Cream on

Looking out over the sail boats on Lake Mendota on a sunny afternoon is relaxing.  One of the nicer opportunities in Madison.   If you can’t get there yourself, you can still get the same brats that are served there and the ice cream too, both available for delivery to your door via the links above.

Grilling brats photo by Rick Remeschatis

Or perhaps you would like to fire up your grill and try a wider variety of our Wisconsinmade bratwurst.  A broad selection of brats and sauces are available at:

Bratwurst selection from

What are your favorite Wisconsin summer food treats?

Father’s Day Gifts

Fathers everywhere get their special day on June 21st.  This year Father’s Day falls on Sunday and is also the first day of summer.  All rolled into one!  It’s a day off, the longest day of the year and special treatment on Father’s Day.  Wow, the stars must be in alignment.  Is there anything special you do with your dad?  Or a special treat you get for him? features many suggestions for that special dad:

Meats range fWisconsin badger packer brewer t shirtrom brats and bacon to buffalo and venison sausages.  Apparel includes the Brewers to the Packers and University of Wisconsin, too.  Choose from travel books, fishing books and all kinds of “dad worthy” items.

Brat Fest: Memorial Day Weekend

Brat FestAs we all remember and honor our fallen service members this weekend we thank them all for their service to our country. Brat Fest is an annual Memorial Day festival in Madison, Wisconsin where we celebrate the mighty bratwurst. It is a giant gathering of folks to listen to music, drink some beverages, eat some brats and raise funds for over one hundred local charities. It has grown over the last 30 years and now is three days long. Over 3,200 volunteers help at the grills, serve food, keep things clean and safe. They each earn $8 per hour, which is donated back to their charity of choice and the end of the event. Over the years more than $1.5 million has been raised. If you can’t be there in person a broad selection of Wisconsin brats are available at

Apple Bratwurst

Apple Bratwurst

Sheboygan Brats

Sheboygan Brats

Bacon Cheddar Bratwurst

Bacon Cheddar Bratwurst

Mushroom Swiss Cheese Brats

Mushroom Swiss Cheese Brats

International Bratwurst Sampler

International Bratwurst Sampler

Apple Bratwurst

Apple Bratwurst

University of Wisconsin Union Bratwurst

University of Wisconsin Union Bratwurst

Packer Bratwurst

Packer Bratwurst

German Food In Wisconsin: How To Get To Germany Without Buying a Plane Ticket

Growing up my dad was in the army so I got the once in a lifetime opportunity to live in Germany for four years. Even though I only lived there from ages four to eight, Germany has left it’s mark on me. I can spot an authentic German deli or smell a Nurnberger bratwurst from a mile away.

I used to go with my mom to the meat market.  The person behind the counter would always hand me a slice of smiley face bologna- yes, you read that right. The bologna had two different colors to it that made up the smiley face. At the time, I knew the words “danke” (thank you) and “bitte” (you’re welcome) but I couldn’t keep them straight so I would just say whichever one I thought of first. The butcher thought this was adorable and it would usually earn me a second slice of bologna.

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Wurst Idea Ever! EU Wants To Limit What Sausages Can Be Labeled As Bratwurst

wurst-idea-everI don’t often talk about things like the European Union, trade agreements and senators on Edible Antics, but for a news story about beer, cheese and bratwurst, I’ll make an exception.

If you haven’t heard, news outlets are reporting that during recent trade negotiations, the European Union wants the U.S. to agree to change the name of bratwursts, cheeses (like parmesan and feta), and beers (Octoberfest, Kolsch and Bavarian) that they feel are devaluing their local specialties. According to, if the U.S. agrees to E.U. demands “U.S. manufacturers would have to change product names to “bratwurst-style sausages,” “Oktoberfest-like ale” or “the lunch meat formerly known as bologna.”‘

Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin is fired up:  “I consider this an attack on our proud traditions and I am standing up for Wisconsin cheese, brats and beer.” She’s working with other senators to block this part of the trade agreement.

It sounds to me like the E.U. is trying to say Wisconsin cheesemakers, for example, can’t use the word parmesan because if I buy Wisconsin-made parmesan at Copps in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, that is somehow harming people in Parma, Italy? I find that hard to believe.

As a food blogger and all around food enthusiast I do understand that certain foods become part of a culture and a tradition, but bratwurst, cheese and beer have been part of the Wisconsin tradition for hundreds of years now because of European immigrants. You would think the E.U. would be proud their influence has spread so far. Plus, after 100+ years, there should be a “no-take-backs!” rule on food names.

But don’t worry, politics are all about compromise, and as proud and friendly Wisconsinites, we’re willing to make concessions. artisan, Master Wisconsin Meat Crafter, and Diplomat Extraordinaire Jeff Roberts of Glenn’s Market suggests Wisconsin keeps names for bratwurst, cheese, and beer, and “They (the E.U.)  can have ‘weiner schnitzel,'” he said. “We don’t use that very often. Give them that one; make them happy. That’s good enough.'”

What do you think about relabeling bratwurst, cheese and beer? Are you willing to give up Wiener Schnitzel?

9 Words That Have a Totally Different Meaning in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, some words have different meanings than they do in the rest of the USA. Luckily, I’ve put together a fun and fabulous guide to Wisconsin words. Enjoy!

  1. Brat

What it usually means: A misbehaving child.

What it means in Wisconsin: A German sausage that is boiled in beer, grilled and served on a crusty bun. Brats can be found at every Wisconsin cookout, sporting event and celebration.

Shop for Wisconsin brats online.

2. Winter

What it usually means: The cold weather months of December through March.

What it means in Wisconsin: The cold weather months of October through April when you question your decision to live in a place where the air hurts your face.

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Octoberfest Celebrations – Beer and Bratwurst

Oktoberfest is a 16-day beer festival that is held annually in Munich Germany. The event has been celebrated in Germany since 1810. It started that year as a prenuptial festivity for a royal wedding and it was so popular an event,  it was recreated every year after, always starting in September  and ending in October. Oktoberfest  is not only one of the most famous  events in Germany,  it is one of the world’s largest festivals, with more than 6 million people from around the world attending the event every year.

In 1999 there were six and a half million visitors –  72% are from Bavaria,  the rest of from all over the world,  including the United States, Canada, Australia and East Asia. Not only is beer flowing but a number of foods are served during the festival including chicken, ham hocks, sausages, bratwurst,  weisswurst and others.  For more information about the historical Oktoberfest in Germany you can go to wikipedia.

If you can’t get to Germany, and many of us cannot, there are some great US Oktoberfest celebrations as well. Given that about 20 percent of  Americans  claim to have some German ancestry,  it has become a very popular event in many cities in the US.

In Wisconsin there are numerous cities that enjoy day long Oktoberfest festivals with lots of beer, bratwurst, knockwurst and weisswurst.  German heritage in Wisconsin is very prominent throughout these cities and it is definitely a must-attend festivity for beer and bratwurst lovers.  Below are just a few of the cities in Wisconsin that yearly celebrate their German heritage by hosting this beer loving event.
Appleton – Sept 27 and 28
New Glarus  – Sept 27 – 29.
Chippewa Falls – Sept 20 – 22.
Milwaukee – Sept 6-7, 13-14, 20-21, 27-28
La Crosse – Sept 27 – October 5

Back to School – 5 Tasty Gift Baskets for College Students

It’s that time of year again — can you hear it? A combination of excitement and groans as the new school year approaches. If there’s one thing a starving student loves, it’s getting food from home. Send an impressive Wisconsin gift basket to cheer up your homesick student. Perfect for sharing and making friends.

Taste of Wisconsin Gift Basket — A gift basket with classic Wisconsin goodies. Delicious Wisconsin cheese, sausage, soda, popcorn, cookies, and more.

Smoked Meat Lover Gift Box — A gift box fit for your carnivore. A delicious collection of smoked pork chops, bacon, summer sausage, wieners, and more. Sometimes it’s ok to skip your vegetables and indulge.

New Glarus Butter Cookie Gift Tin — A customer review from a happy mom describes this gift tin perfectly: “The cookies from the New Glarus Bakery were sent to our sons who were studying for exams. Two quotes: ‘Perfect with my early morning coffee.’ and ‘Those cookies were ridiculously soft.'”

Deluxe Mixed Nuts, Toffee, and Tads Gift Tin — A mix of sweet and salty for all occassions. A perfect snack for refueling between study sessions. Warning: contents may disappear quickly if shared with roommates.

Gourmet Caramel Apple Deluxe Gift Basket — For the student with a sweet tooth. Amy’s Gourmet Apples presents a stunning assortment of caramel apples and gourmet chocolate confections.


What’s your favorite food item to send to your collegiate children?

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