Harmony Cheese Harmony Specialty Dairy Foods makes British cheeses like abergele, caerphilly, double gloucester and chesire right here in Wisconsin. I know my brick cheese from my colby cheese, but I still need some practice telling my abergele from my cheshire, so I made this quick guide to British cheese.

Abergele –This moist, tangy, creamy cheese often comes flavored.  Harmony likes to flavor their British cheese with portabella and chive, cranberry and orange, or Indian spices like garam masala and tandoori masala.

 Caerphilly-The full flavor and sweet honey notes of the Caerphilly makes it a standout addition to a cheese tray. The cheese has a white color and a firm yet crumbly texture. You can also crumble it on soups and salads.

Double Gloucester- The Double Gloucester is similar to a cheddar.It has a rich flavor and a smooth and hard texture.

Cheshire- A silky and crumbly cow’s milk cheese with a rich, full-bodied flavor.

British cheese makes a yummy gift for the holidays, birthdays or just for fun. Pick your four favorite flavors from the varieties mentioned above and send them in a Golden Age cheese gift box  or get one of each in an authentic wooden cheese box. Your taste buds will thank you!

Cheese information coutesy of the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.