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Touring Wisconsin Food

Decorating for Easter with Bouncing Bunnies and Soggy Rabbits

“That’s quite a few bouncing bunnies!” I overheard Renee remark.

“It sure is.” confirmed Vicki.

“Where are they all going?” questioned Linda.


“Indiana? Will they make it in time?”

“Yes, they’re hurrying on their way right now.”

“The bouncing bunnies have been in demand,” added Katie.

“Yes,” Renee said, “More will be shipping out tomorrow.”

Not knowing exactly what bouncing bunnies are, and admittedly not overly-inquisitive about the matter, I absent-mindedly conjured images of rabbits, with pastel-ribboned collars, hopping through Wisconsin fields and along roadsides. I imagined legions of lagamorphs marching on Indiana. “Yes,” I thought, “This is a crazy business. We’re experiencing a bunny surge.”

I finally saw a picture of a bouncing bunny when Katie featured them on the Easter page. “Oh, they’re chocolate!” I shouldn’t have been surprised; in the back of my mind, I knew didn’t traffic in live animals. But it did surprise me, and get me thinking.

Bunnie Cookies

“What a fun centerpiece for the Easter table.” I thought. Usually, I put a flower arrangement between the candles on the table. But the idea of using a special Easter food was aesthetically and gastronomically appealing. I knew a fun food arrangement would excite the kids. What other foods would look nice as a centerpiece? So I started searching through our food site, (“keeping ‘current’ with our site is part of my job,” I justify). Then I found Kransekager which is a tower of almond sugar cookies that arrives in pieces and you assemble it like a puzzle. “That looks fun!” I thought, but then mused, “Why don’t the kids and I make something like that ourselves?..What a good project!”


So yesterday when both kids were home mildly ill, but still bouncing a bit like bunnies, I suggested we cook up some edible Easter centerpiece. “What do you want to make?” I enthusiastically asked.

“But Mommy, first we have to decorate the house for Easter!” My children have a sense of ordered priorities.

“All right,” I sighed, going with the flow. We unpacked the large box of Easter decorations – the baskets, the plastic eggs, the window clings, and the plastic grass that spreads like weeds throughout the house. Then Lauren and Dave began gathering up all the stuffed bunnies and chicks which they had received from loving relatives in Easters past. And that’s when we got completely sidetracked.

“My bunny’s dirty!” wailed Dave.

“Yeah,” confirmed Lauren matter-or-factly, “Sam (the dog) slobbered on him.”

“And this one has his eyes chewed out!”

“Oh, only one eye’s gone,” I tried to reassure him.

“Yeah, he’s OK, just disabled,” said Lauren. (I’ve been using this line for years regarding maimed stuffed animals.) “My rabbit’s dirty too, Mom. We should wash these.”

And so we did. My fun-food Easter project turned into a sink-full of soapy stuffed rabbits which then had to be blow-dried. Of course, none of us had the patience to blow-dry them completely. So now damp bunnies are draped about the house, slowly air-drying. But the children are content. In their view, the house is decorated for Easter. If Mommy wants to make a food centerpiece she can do it another day. 

At this point for me, receiving one in the mail is looking like a whole lot more fun.

But I wasn’t completely defeated. I still made a coconut custard pie yesterday. It was embarrassingly easy given how fancy it looks. The pie is a quick, light dessert that I’ve added to my repertoire for making for company. I’m posting the recipe on the side page Cookies and Cakes – Festive ‘n Fun..




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