In Madison, Wisconsin we are beyond lucky to have not one, but two of the best ice cream makers in the country: Babcock Hall Dairy and The Chocolate Shoppe. The only problem is, which one do you choose? Here is breakdown of the two ice cream shops and the fabulous flavors they have to offer.


Babcock Hall Ice Cream


First Scooped In: 1951

Famous Flavors: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Butter Pecan, Vanilla, Blue Moon (blue ice cream that tastes sort of like Fruit Loops)

My (Amanda’s) Personal Favorite: Orange Custard Chocolate Chip because orange and chocolate is an underrated combination!

Most Outrageous Flavor: Berry Alvarez- Berry ice cream with blueberry and raspberry swirl and strawberry pieces.

Mascot: Bucky Badger

Awards and Recognition:

Voted Best in Madison By Madison Magazine

Where To Find It:

  • Babcock Hall Dairy Store in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Have it shipped to your door, anywhere in the USA, from



Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream babcock-hall-vs-chocolate-shoppe-2

First Scooped In: 1962

Famous Flavors: Old Fashioned Vanilla, Zanzabar Chocolate

Most Outrageous Flavor: Bang!! Caffeinated Ice Cream

My (Amanda’s) Personal Favorite: Mint Avalanche because I love mint chocolate chip and this is it on steroids! It has pieces of Andes mints, chocolate cookies and fudge swirl.

Mascot: A cow licking an ice cream scoop.

Awards and Recognition:

Old Fashioned French Vanilla won a blue ribbon with a pefect score in 2011 from the National Ice Cream Retails Associations.

Malt Amore (malted milk ice cream with chocolate chips and chocolate fudge swirl) was named the “Ultimate Scoop” by Food Network’s show Crave.

Where To Find It:

  • Three Madison, Wisconsin ice cream shop locations.
  • Several independently owned shops around the Midwest and beyond, see the map.
  • Have it shipped to your door, anywhere in the USA, from


Which ice cream is your favorite?