My name is Rick and I’m a Wisconsin based foodie.

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Wisconsinmade Miata

I get to drive the Wisconsinmade Miata convertible around Wisconsin to escort the owner (Linda) in her continuous search for talented artisans and their quality products.

Wisconsin bakeries, cheese shops, meat markets, specialty food stores and microbreweries cause my car to suddenly stop.

A pause for a donut, kringle, cheese curds, summer sausage or an adult malted beverage are all it usually takes to get back on course.

Hometown:  Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Current Residence:  Madison, Wisconsin

Occupation:  CFO and assistant taste tester for

Education:  Finance degree from the University of Wisconsin–Madison

Favorite Foods to Eat:  Pizza, grilled meats, salmon, kringle

To Cook:  Homemade pizza, grilled steaks, grilled cheese sandwiches

Food Dislikes:  Brussel sprouts, lima beans, cauliflower

Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Eaten:  Deep fried grass hoppers

Favorite Cheeses:  Smoked gouda

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