race-over-miller-parkSausagesA Miller Park hot dog made the short list of craziest ball park hot dogs on the Serious Eats blog. The Corn Brat , a bratwurst (not really a hot dog but I’m still proud) wrapped in cornbread and served on a stick corn dog style, ranked among some heavy hitting hot dog competitors. Some other wacky hot dog creations include Pittsburgh’s polish-fusion dog that’s topped with mini pierogi, and the Los Angeles Cali dog which is wrapped in a tortilla and deep fried.

None of them can compare to the gigantic Broomstick dog that has been all over the hot dog news lately. This Texas monster is two feet long, about the size of a baseball bat, and topped with chili, cheese, onions and jalapenos. The real kicker is the $26 price tag. Talk about a “haute” dog!

Fancy hot dogs have been a popular food trend in 2012, and with hot dog season heating up, I bet we’ll see even more franktastic creations to come.

How do you like your hot dogs? Do you go gourmet or does simple ketchup and mustard do the trick?


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