Here’s a delightful story about what it feels like to celebrate Easter in Wisconsin.

1. You’re on your way to a family Easter gathering. It might be the end of April, but you’re still wearing a coat. 




2. Even if you don’t participate in Lent, you’ve been eating a lot of fish on Fridays lately. 


3. You’ve spotted a few blooming daffodils and a robin… in the snow. 


Wisconsin photography, Tempers Trail Images.


4. Your little cousin is wearing her “Easter” dress. 


5. For Easter dinner, you’re eating a Nueske ham. (Made in Wittenberg, Wisconsin!) 


6. The side dishes are all covered in Wisconsin cheese. (I’m not even sure what this is but it looks cheesetastic!)


7. For dessert you have a big slice of this:


Turtle Cheesecake by Cheesecake Heaven 

8. And as if you aren’t on sugar overload already, you eat the candy from your Easter basket: 




Whipped Cream Eggs by Buddy Squirrel 

9. You know it’s been a good holiday, because after all of that family fun you end up like this:


Image from Flickr


Happy Easter from Wisconsin!