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If you’re looking to show some Wisconsin pride this Halloween, why not dress up as your favorite Wisconsin food? Get out your glue gun because I’ve come up with seven fun and festive Wisconsin food Halloween costume ideas.

  1. Bratwurst-  Buy or make a hotdog costume. When people say “Cool, you’re a hot dog!” correct them and say “Nope! I’m a bratwurst!”. This also works as a dog costume.
  2. Can of Your Favorite Beer- Bonus points if you can put some beer in a camel pack and offer up samples. Find five friends to wear the same costume and you can be a six pack!
  3. Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory– Gene Wilder is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin! wonka
  4. Sandwich– Get a group of friends together and each of you can be a piece of the sandwich- slices of bread (x2), a tomato, lunch meat, lettuce, and the Wisconsiniest person in the group should be the cheese!
  5. Beer Hall Girl (or Guy) – Ladies, braid your hair and wear a traditional German dress. Gentleman, one word, lederhoson!
  6. Milk– Make a carton out of a box and have a friend be a cookie.
  7. Mac & Cheese– Find a bunch of empty toilet paper rolls and paint them with yellow-orange paint to simulate noodles. Glue them all over a yellow shirt. Carry around a giant fork.

What’s your favorite Wisconsin food Halloween costume idea?

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Hot Dog Image via Flikr

Wonka Image via Flikr