5273-citytins-milwaukee-restaurant-gift-cards-2015-LFor the last few years, Wisconsinites in Madison and Milwaukee have enjoyed one of the coolest holiday gifts around- the CityTin. Foodies dream of CityTins because each tin contains 20 coupons for local restaurants. Want to get the most of your CityTins? Check out these CityTin tips!


  1. Your bill must be more than $25 to use the gift certificate.
  2. Dine In Only. CityTin’s can’t be used for carry out.
  3. Make sure to tip your server. Etiquette says you should tip based on the amount of the bill BEFORE the discount was applied.
  4. Only 1 CityTin coupon is allowed per table. This is good to keep in mind for double dates!
  5. Use the dinner spinner. Can’t decide which restaurant to visit? Use the fancy dinner spinner included in each CityTin.
  6. If you’re in Milwaukee and you love a nice cocktail, check out the Bar & Lounges CityTin! The newest member of the CityTin family is a great way to explore Milwaukee watering holes.
  7. Shop early! CityTins have been known to sell out, so get them while you can.

Want to see which restaurants have coupons in this year’s CityTins? Find out here: Madison CityTins Milwaukee CityTins