I have a confession that might cause some controversy. I think wedding cake is kind of boring. There! I said it! Don’t get me wrong, I like cake in general, and if you read this blog you know I’m a passionate foodie, but at most weddings I’ve attended, the cake isn’t exciting enough to get me off the dance floor. Now that my big day is coming up, I’m looking at wedding cake alternatives. Something to make my guests say “WOW!” this is different!










Pie– Rustic weddings are all the rage right now. Even brides who’ve never even met a farmer want to get married in rustic and romantic barns. Whenever I see a pie, I picture it cooling on the window sill of a farmhouse all day, so a pie enhances that rustic vibe. You can even get creative with cake stands and fancy displays for your pie assortment.





4-wedding-cake-2Cookies can make a fabulous favor, dessert or both! In Pennsylvania and Ohio, a cookie table is a wedding tradition. The bride and groom set up a huge table and fill it with cookies made by their friends and family. Guests receive decorative bags that they can fill with cookies of their choice. For a more formal look, shop for expertly decorated sugar cookies at a local bakery or online at Wisconsinmade.com.





4-wedding-cake-3Cake Push Pops- This is still cake, but it will definately spark your guest’s interest! This eye catching dessert display is made of plastic push pops filled with layers of cake and frosting. I saw this particular display at a wedding show, so talk to your local bakery to find if they can create cake push pops!













4-wedding-cake-4Ice Cream– Now that I think about it, I prefer birthday cake over wedding cake. Why? Birthday cake usually comes with ice cream! Serve up some ice cream along with your wedding cake, or better yet, make the ice cream the star by having an ice cream sundae bar. That way, guests can create their own ice cream treats, and the interactive element of adding their own toppings will bring an extra level of fun!





The most important part of picking your wedding dessert is to make sure it expresses your personality as a couple. Did you meet at the University of Wisconsin in Madison? Serve some Babcock Hall Ice Cream. Do you bleed Packer green and gold? Have Packer cookies as favors! Forget the traditions and express your personality on your special day!