5-ways-to-add-cranberriesNot only is the cranberry a Christmas favorite, it’s also the official state fruit of Wisconsin. Wisconsin produces more cranberries than any other state and each year Wisconsin cranberry growers harvest enough berries to give every person in the entire world 26 berries! Enjoy cranberries during the holiday season by encroprating them into your celebration with these fun ideas.

Cranberry Kringle – The state fruit of Wisconsin and the state pastry of Wisconsin come together in this sweet treat. Layers of flaky pastry and creamy icing make this Wisconsin staple pefrect for breakfast or dessert.

Cranberry Cocktail- When you think of cranberry cocktails, don’t limit yourself to the cosmo. Cranberries provide a hint of tartness that is welcome in many Christmas cocktails. This white Christmas sangria for example, looks festive with red cranberries and a Christmas tree-like rosemary sprig for a garnish!

Cranberry Trail Mix – You can use dried cranberries in place of raisins in just about any situation, and in Wisconsin we like to add them to trail mix! This gourmet trail mix can be purchased by the case so you can hand it out to all of your friends during the holidays.

Cranberry Chutney – Wisconsin Wilderness Cranberry Chutney flies off the shelves during the holiday season in Wisconsin and it’s easy to see why. It makes a colorful side dish and tastes great on chicken or apples but in my opinion, the best way to serve it is on top of baked brie!

Cranberry Bliss Bars- I make these every year for Christmas. A cranberry bliss bar is a blondie with cream cheese icing, cranberries and white chocolate. It was originally made popular by Starbucks, but I did a side by side taste test and my homemade version knocks the store bought version out of the park. Find the recipe here.

For more yummy cranberry treats that will ship straight to your door, visit Wisconsinmade.com.