We’re famous for our politics here in Wisconsin, but legislators put their disagreements aside to make the Kringle the state pastry of Wisconsin. The staff at Wisconsinmade.com couldn’t be more thrilled! Here are five reasons why we think the Kringle deserves to be the Wisconsin state pastry:

1. The flakey layers. The layers are the key to an out-of-this-world delicious Kringle, and no self respecting Racine bakery would make a Kringle with less than 32 layers of golden, flakey pastry. That’s why it takes a skilled baker to construct the perfect Kringle. More on that later.

2. The history. Bakers practice the special skill of Kringle crafting in Racine, Wisconsin, a town that fancies itself the Kringle Capital of the World. Immigrants from Denmark settled in Racine, and began making Kringles based on their Danish baking traditions. The Danish bakeries set up their ovens in Racine,Wisconsin, including O & H Danish Bakery, where the Olsen family has been making Kringles for over 60 years.

3. The variety. Traditionally, bakers make Kringles in an oval shape and use fillings like raspberry, apple or pecan, but more recently bakers have started getting creative. Heart-shaped Kringles with pink icing often appear on Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, and Kringles topped with green and gold sprinkles are a favorite among Packer fans during football season.

4. Kringles make great gifts.  At Wisconsinmade.com we fancy ourselves gift  giving experts, and when we need to give gifts to our friends, we often send a Kringle. We’ve noticed that we see an influx of Kringe orders at Christmas time since they are unique, sharable, and loved by all. We rarely meet anyone who doesn’t love a Kringle.

5. You can enjoy a freshly baked Wisconsin Kringle anywhere in the continental USA.  The former state pastry, the cream puff, is dairy filled and quintessentially Wisconsin, but at Wisconsinmade.com, our passion is sending a taste of Wisconsin to the rest of the USA. Try as we might, cream puff’s just don’t travel well. Kringles, on the other hand, travel splendidly. Bakeries in Racine bake them daily and the staff at Wisconsinmade.com works hard to send them to Kringle fans nationwide.

Sorry if I’ve made you hungry, but don’t worry, with a few clicks you can have a Kringle on its way to your door!

Image via O & H Bakery on Facebook