I live in Wisconsin so I expect a crazy winter, but the past few months have been harsh even by Wisconsin standards. I grew up in Virginia, and one winter day my mom came outside while I was blowing bubbles. She asked what on earth I was doing. I told her that I heard if it’s cold enough, bubbles will freeze. She laughed and told me it had to be a lot colder than 40 degrees. At the time, I remembered thinking I would probably never be anywhere cold enough to freeze bubbles.

Fast forward 20 years and here I am! I never forgot that day, nor my dream to make a frozen bubble, so I mixed up some soap and went to open my 3rd floor balcony door…. and it woudn’t open! Upon closer inspection, the door was crusted with ice on the INSIDE. Wow. Ice prevented me from completing my ice experiment!

So the bubble experiment is on hold, so here I am writing a blog post instead, and trying to come up with Wisconsin foods to keep me warm. Here are four of my favorites:

Day at the Beach Sugar Cookies – If you can’t go on a vacation to somewhere tropical, bring the tropics to you with beachy foods like these Day at the Beach Sugar cookies. A margarita would also do the trick.

Beer Cheese Soup– I shared this recipe a few years ago and it’s one of the most popular posts on this blog! I have a theory that people in Wisconsin need beer cheese soup to survive. If you’re really in need of some soup comfort, serve this soup in a bread bowl. YUM!

Engine House 19 Chili Mix – Chill does not taste the same in the summer, so make as much as you can before the snow melts! This chili mix from Engine House 19 has all the spices you need ready to go in a convenient package. Be sure to try Engine House 19’s other tasty food mixes like beer bread mix and hunter stew mix.

Coffee and Mug Gift Set – When it’s this cold out I have a hot drink with me almost 24/7, and to me, hot drinks just taste better out of a ceramic mug. This gift set includes two bags of coffee and a mug, so it makes a fantastic gift for anyone who is dealing with the polar vortex, which I heard on the news today includes everyone in the USA except for South Florida and Hawaii.


What foods do you eat to keep warming durning the polar vortex?