In case you missed it, Mother’s Day is May 11th. If you’re thinking about getting her a gift, stop thinking an start shopping! If your mom is anything like my mom, she has done more nice things for you than you can even count- like calmed you down when you got a hair brush stuck in your hair, or drove you to bassoon lessons, or put socks on your hands so you couldn’t scratch yourself when you were a baby. With all the nice things mom has done for you, get her something extra nice on Mother’s Day, like one of these awesome Wisconsin Mother’s Day gifts! (Side note – we’re getting down to the wire! Most of these gifts should arrive on time for Mother’s Day but call 1-800-947-6233 if you have questions!)


1. Mother’s Day Butter Tarts Gift Box – $5 off through 5/5/14 at


2. Mother’s Day Sugar Cookie Gift Tin


3. Coffee Sampler Gift Basket 


4.  Mother’s Day Chocolate Bar – 25% off  through 5/5/14 at


5. Gouda Cheese Assortment – Tell her she’s a gouda mom!


6. Artisan Cheese Assortment


7. Chocolate Eclairs


8. Breakfast Gift Basket


9. Heat Shaped Kringle 


10. Bud Vase made from Wisconsin wood 


11. Ladies Brewers Baseball T-shirt


12. Gift Card – This makes a great last minute gift! You can even email a gift certificate or print your own.